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3/19/22 - Carl, Tiernan, and others in AeGura

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2022 3:23 am
by Carl Palmner
(03/19 19:34:30) Chat.log started...
(03/19 19:34:33) Anatheia: LOL
(03/19 19:34:33) Carl Palmner: Shorah Anath!
(03/19 19:34:40) Carl Palmner: And others :)
(03/19 19:34:47) Anatheia: Light auditing?
(03/19 19:34:53) Carl Palmner: Where you folks at?
(03/19 19:35:06) Anatheia: Half way down the Great Staircase.
(03/19 19:35:15) Carl Palmner: Oh...there...
(03/19 19:35:23) Gents: Just looking at some numbers, going over the books, I say light because I'm not here to get anyone in trouble. No one's job is at risk.
(03/19 19:35:31) Carl Palmner: Shorah Gents
(03/19 19:35:48) Carl Palmner: Shorah Murry
(03/19 19:35:48) Gents: There's a few questions about where the money is going, but, hey, it's weekend. We don't gotta talk about work.
(03/19 19:35:53) Gents: Shorah, all!
(03/19 19:36:17) Carl Palmner waves hello
(03/19 19:36:17) Anatheia: .shorah Tiernan Quinlan
(03/19 19:36:29) Gents: These stairs are a hike.
(03/19 19:36:32) Carl Palmner: You guys like this view, huh?
(03/19 19:36:35) Anatheia: LOL
(03/19 19:36:42) Anatheia: I love this view.
(03/19 19:36:48) Carl Palmner: Kerath's Arch is pretty great.
(03/19 19:36:56) Anatheia: I think that it's probably the best in the city proper.
(03/19 19:37:16) Carl Palmner: Give me second. While I'm here, I want to go pay my respects.
(03/19 19:37:18) Anatheia: This is a good spot for the Night Crew to gather as well.
(03/19 19:37:39) Carl Palmner kneels down...
(03/19 19:37:46) Anatheia: Do you need help getting up here, Gents?
(03/19 19:37:49) Carl Palmner bows
(03/19 19:38:01) Gents: I do. My knees just aren't the same after climbing up all those steps.
(03/19 19:38:05) Anatheia: LOL
(03/19 19:38:08) Anatheia: Follow me.
(03/19 19:38:34) Carl Palmner: You folks ever visit the memorial in there?
(03/19 19:38:36) Anatheia: Up here, Gents.
(03/19 19:38:48) Anatheia: Yes, I make a trip in there quite frequently.
(03/19 19:38:58) Carl Palmner: You miss her too?
(03/19 19:39:30) Anatheia: Ummmm...It's just nice to pay respects to all of our comrades who have gone on.
(03/19 19:39:47) Carl Palmner: Yeah. I only knew a couple others besides the kid.
(03/19 19:39:53) Anatheia: Who are you paying respects to?
(03/19 19:39:57) Carl Palmner: Wasn't right, what happened to her.
(03/19 19:40:00) Anatheia: Okay, Gents.
(03/19 19:40:00) Gents: Okay, I made it.
(03/19 19:40:01) Carl Palmner: You know.
(03/19 19:40:02) Carl Palmner: Wheely.
(03/19 19:40:08) Anatheia: RJ to the light post.
(03/19 19:40:42) Carl Palmner: Oh, hey
(03/19 19:40:43) Gents: My connection is lagging!
(03/19 19:40:48) Anatheia: :-(
(03/19 19:40:50) Gents: These jumps may have to wait.
(03/19 19:40:52) Carl Palmner: You guys haven't had anything go missing, have you?
(03/19 19:41:05) Anatheia: .shorah Cody Herd :-))
(03/19 19:41:10) Anatheia: Like what?
(03/19 19:41:13) Carl Palmner: Journals, Linking Books, that kind of thing.
(03/19 19:41:13) Gents: I shall soon return. Eagerly await my arrival!
(03/19 19:41:22) Anatheia: Bye Gents.
(03/19 19:41:23) Cody Herd: hi guys
(03/19 19:41:27) Carl Palmner: Shorah Cody
(03/19 19:41:55) Carl Palmner: Anyway, apparently some stuff has started going missing.
(03/19 19:41:56) Murry: Sorry had to take a call.
(03/19 19:42:06) Anatheia: What kind of stuff, Carl?
(03/19 19:42:10) Carl Palmner: They think there might be some thieves or pranksters in the cavern.
(03/19 19:42:32) Carl Palmner: Um, let's see...Diranda had a journal go missing. Calum had some stuff disappear.
(03/19 19:42:50) Carl Palmner: Oh, and some suspicious folks have been showing up among the restoration workers.
(03/19 19:42:59) Carl Palmner: Meddling with things. We don't really know why.
(03/19 19:43:04) Murry: Diranada told me me she lost her journal and items in Great Zero.
(03/19 19:43:12) Carl Palmner: Yeah! That.
(03/19 19:43:26) Anatheia: I'm not sure that I understand.
(03/19 19:43:33) Carl Palmner: And Calum had a hold weird thing happen with someone infiltrating one of the work crews.
(03/19 19:43:50) Anatheia: That's strange.
(03/19 19:43:51) Murry: Calum told me that he also confronted an imposter .
(03/19 19:43:58) Carl Palmner: It's on the
(03/19 19:44:14) Carl Palmner: Yeah. That's what I read on the forum, Murry.
(03/19 19:44:18) Carl Palmner: But she got away.
(03/19 19:44:21) Anatheia: I'm afraid that I haven't been keeping up so well the last few days.
(03/19 19:44:35) Murry: She had a fake ID.
(03/19 19:44:46) Carl Palmner: Yeah. It's definitely worrisome.
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(03/19 19:44:58) Murry: Cal also got a bump on his head for it.
(03/19 19:45:00) Anatheia: What do you mean by "a fake ID"?
(03/19 19:45:09) Carl Palmner: Anyway, all I'm saying is, keep your personal stuff on your Relto.
(03/19 19:45:11) Anatheia: Oh my word!
(03/19 19:45:12) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, good evening folks.
(03/19 19:45:27) Carl Palmner: Yeah, he's okay, though.
(03/19 19:45:29) Anatheia: Hello Tiernan
(03/19 19:45:32) Carl Palmner: Shorah Tiernan!
(03/19 19:45:34) Murry: Dr. Quinlan I presume.
(03/19 19:45:40) Carl Palmner: Doctor?
(03/19 19:45:58) Carl Palmner: What kind of doctor?
(03/19 19:45:58) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh, word must spead quickly in the cavern nowadays.
(03/19 19:46:14) Tiernan Quinlan: Medical, general practice. Retired.
(03/19 19:46:23) Tiernan Quinlan smiles.
(03/19 19:46:27) Carl Palmner: Oh, cool. I don't think there's a lot of medical folks down here.
(03/19 19:46:27) Tiernan Quinlan (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(03/19 19:46:33) Carl Palmner: But there really should be.
(03/19 19:46:36) Carl Palmner: Easy to get injured here.
(03/19 19:46:39) Carl Palmner: I'm Carl
(03/19 19:46:46) Carl Palmner offers his hand to shake.
(03/19 19:46:49) Murry: Especially Calulm.
(03/19 19:46:53) Tiernan Quinlan: I thought that might be the case.
(03/19 19:46:56) Murry: Calum
(03/19 19:47:06) Tiernan Quinlan shakes Carl's hand.
(03/19 19:47:11) Carl Palmner: Calum's ok.
(03/19 19:47:29) Carl Palmner: He just bumped his head. He was at karoake earlier today.
(03/19 19:47:30) Tiernan Quinlan: I'm planning to set up a small medical clinic, for just that kind of situation.
(03/19 19:47:39) Carl Palmner: That's great, doc!
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(03/19 19:47:57) Carl Palmner: There's bound to be an unused Hood you can use.
(03/19 19:48:04) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh. You can call me Tiernan or 'Tenny'. Doctor Quinlan was my father.
(03/19 19:48:14) Carl Palmner: Gotcha. Tenny.
(03/19 19:48:20) Tiernan Quinlan: I've found one already, thanks fo a few new friends.
(03/19 19:48:41) Carl Palmner: Cool. Shoot me an invite to it. If I ever get hurt I'll know where to go!
(03/19 19:49:04) Anatheia: Perhaps you could advertise its opening in the Messenger's Pub.
(03/19 19:49:15) Carl Palmner: Hey, that's a great idea!
(03/19 19:49:16) Tiernan Quinlan: Please do. Feel free to message me if any of you get hurt or need a medical opinion.
(03/19 19:49:28) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh, they'd let me do that? Well now!
(03/19 19:49:29) Anatheia: Thank you, Dr. Quinlan.
(03/19 19:49:36) Murry: Shoot Calum one too. He's been messing with some weird crystals I hear.
(03/19 19:49:39) Carl Palmner: You know how to get to the Messenger's Pub, Tenny? Not the old one--the newly renovated one.
(03/19 19:49:51) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, I've just been there, exploring.
(03/19 19:49:59) Carl Palmner nods his head
(03/19 19:50:05) Anatheia: Is it still decorated in green?
(03/19 19:50:13) Tiernan Quinlan: Sad I missed the party.
(03/19 19:50:22) Anatheia: I did as well
(03/19 19:50:22) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, rather amusingly so.
(03/19 19:50:38) Murry: Shorah HenryMikel
(03/19 19:50:40) Anatheia: .shorah HenryMikel :-))
(03/19 19:50:48) Carl Palmner: Shorah Henry! Been a few days.
(03/19 19:50:51) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, well on Thursday I was busy bringing down some equipment.
(03/19 19:51:17) Anatheia: Oh? I hope that you found a place to store all of it.
(03/19 19:51:25) HenryMikel: Shorah Murry .Shorah Anatheia
(03/19 19:51:47) Carl Palmner: No Shorah for me Henry? :(
(03/19 19:52:00) Tiernan Quinlan: I have them stored in my new neighborhood. Locked up, since apparently we have some pranksters running about.
(03/19 19:52:01) HenryMikel: Shorah Carl...
(03/19 19:52:05) Carl Palmner: lol
(03/19 19:52:15) HenryMikel: trying to catch up on all the Explorers
(03/19 19:52:19) Carl Palmner: Yeah--we were just talking about that.
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(03/19 19:52:29) Anatheia: Well, I do hope that the pranksters are apprehended and dealt with appropriately.
(03/19 19:52:30) Carl Palmner: Apparently somebody's been stealing some stuff.
(03/19 19:52:45) Tiernan Quinlan: A new friend of mine mentioned her research notebook was missing. And a gentleman, Dr. Lavisham, also mentioned some indicents.
(03/19 19:52:45) Carl Palmner: And someone was trying to sabotage some restoration work. Have you met Calum, Tiernan?
(03/19 19:53:13) Tiernan Quinlan: Not yet, but I would very much like to take a look at that bump on the head he took.
(03/19 19:53:20) Carl Palmner: I didn't know Jules had run into anything questionable.
(03/19 19:53:41) Tiernan Quinlan: He mentioned your friend, Calum's incident.
(03/19 19:53:48) Carl Palmner: Makes me a bit nervous.
(03/19 19:54:15) Tiernan Quinlan: Oddly enough, I had a bit of an encounter with a similarly attired person. I called out to him but he ran off.
(03/19 19:54:30) Carl Palmner: I don't think I've ever seen a more cohesive community in the cavern than I do now. Hate to see someone trying to mess up paradise.
(03/19 19:54:42) Carl Palmner: Fake work uniform?
(03/19 19:55:03) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, a workman's outfit.
(03/19 19:55:21) Carl Palmner: Hmmm. Calum and Kelsei should up their security.
(03/19 19:55:56) Tiernan Quinlan: Not a bad idea. I've medicines and so forth that shouldn't fall into inexperienced hands.
(03/19 19:56:42) Anatheia leans left
(03/19 19:56:46) Carl Palmner: Back during the Second Uru, Laxman and Kodama never would have put up with infiltrators.
(03/19 19:57:12) Tiernan Quinlan: It is odd. Has there ever been anything like this occuring in the past?
(03/19 19:57:35) Carl Palmner: Don't think so.
(03/19 19:57:50) Carl Palmner: The DRC kept a pretty tight ship.
(03/19 19:57:54) Murry: How have you been HenryMikel?
(03/19 19:58:03) Anatheia: It's nice to know that you're keeping such a close watch on things in the cavern.
(03/19 19:58:11) Anatheia: I'm feeling much safer already.
(03/19 19:58:40) Carl Palmner: Cal is. Kelsei too. I'm not really involved with the restoration. But I try to keep my eyes open.
(03/19 19:58:53) Anatheia nods her head
(03/19 19:59:44) Carl Palmner 's pocket beeps.
(03/19 19:59:45) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, I'm down here for good, as far as I'm concerned. So I'll be more than happy to help out.
(03/19 19:59:51) Carl Palmner: Oops, that's my alarm.
(03/19 19:59:55) Carl Palmner: I gotta run.
(03/19 20:00:05) Anatheia: See you around, Carl.
(03/19 20:00:08) Anatheia: Take care!
(03/19 20:00:12) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, well. It was nice to meet you, Carl.
(03/19 20:00:17) Carl Palmner: Stay safe, guys! Keep your stuff locked up.
(03/19 20:00:22) Murry: Bye Carl
(03/19 20:00:29) Thumbs up from Tiernan Quinlan
(03/19 20:00:31) HenryMikel: Bye Carl
(03/19 20:00:33) Carl Palmner: You, too, Tenny! I'll drop by the clinic sometime just to see how things are going.
(03/19 20:00:34) Anatheia: Good idea. Thanks for the warning.
(03/19 20:00:37) Carl Palmner waves goodbye
(03/19 20:00:44) Carl Palmner: Shorah for now!
(03/19 20:00:49) ...Chat.log stopped.