Communications and such

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Communications and such

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Been very busy but I'm back and taking a short rest.

I've been trying to wrap my head around the Lattice, it would have helped to have Laxman around but then if he was around he wouldn't let me access it.

City Nexus terminals can now register KI's again, you'll need to register yours again I'm afraid. I recommend the Tokotah II rooftop as an access point for Ae'gura as you can use the ladders there to climb down, not the safest way I know but it's the best we've got at the moment.

KI is still being worked upon however I have a solution to our communication woes. Its not like the KI is so no inter-age communications, in fact D'ni will be the only place with communications.
I'm going to try and set up a network of stations around D'ni and the hoods (our hoods). The stations will be hidden in D'ni in case others like us have decided to stay down. The hub will be located in Tehren when I'm done.

I'm still experimenting, not sure what the DRC used before they discovered the KI's. It's not as if I can ask them either.
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