A familiar face!

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Jules Lavisham
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A familiar face!

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Rob and I had a short but sweet chat with Mayor Kura'quen from Rei'schu in the Messenger's Pub today, which was a lovely surprise. Apparently Cal and Kelsei have been showing her around, apologies if I missed a relevant KI message or two cluing me in.

Sounds like she'll be putting in an appearance at the next Town Hall, which will be fun!
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Kelsei A. Taylor
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Re: A familiar face!

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More me than Calum, the last few days. It's mostly just been trying to get her up to speed on how to get around. This all came up rather last minute on their end, from what I've gathered. I'm sorry but I think I forgot to send a KI Mail out. I was expecting Calum to do it, but maybe he forgot to. You know how he can get some times.
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