Beyond the Scary Doors

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Beyond the Scary Doors

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Ever since my last encounter with Benavud, I've been wondering why he's so ashamed of being D'ni. But then I spoke with Dr. Quinlan and he has his own theory. Yeesha was the only source of information Ben had about the D'ni before he lost his memory and she believes that the D'ni are evil. Ben didn't have a second opinion to counterbalance Yeesha's, so finding out that he was D'ni, whom Yeesha said are evil... it wouldn't be that hard to imagine what effect that would have on him.

Then I realized that Dr. Quinlan's theory is not only plausible, but it also explains Ben's irrational fear of Journey Doors.

Where does Yeesha give her speeches about how the D'ni are evil? The Bahro Cave. And how does one get into that particular Bahro Cave? Through the SCARY DOORS. What if Ben's brain is trying to protect him from Yeesha's anti-D'ni propaganda because he himself is D'ni by scaring him away from the Journey Doors?

The only problem with my theory is that it is untestable because of two problems.

The first problem is an ethics problem. The only way to test it is by sending Ben through a Scary Door, which is sort of cruel and not morally acceptable. The second problem is a linking problem. Bahro Caves are individually instanced, so even if Ben and I walked through the same Scary Door at the same time, we would end up in different Bahro Caves, making it impossible to observe his reaction. So I guess it's nothing more than a theory.

But it's possible.
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Re: Beyond the Scary Doors

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It does make a certain amount of sense, yeah. But also, yeah, no real easy way to test it, is there?
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Re: Beyond the Scary Doors

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I just spoke with Ben, he didn't remember anything about the Bahro personally and he's asked to speak with Carl.
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