Benavud is D'ni

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Carl Palmner
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Benavud is D'ni

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Today I received a chat log from Benavud. Apparently 3 days ago the blood test came back. A comparison with D'ni DNA confirms that he is, in fact, a full-blooded D'ni. He got quite upset at the news. Today he just seemed depressed about it, though I'm not exactly sure why. Given his knowledge of surface culture, my guess is that his D'ni parents raised him on the surface--though who they were, I have no idea.

Anyway, you can find the log at viewtopic.php?f=8&t=293
Dni_seeker 5
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Re: Benavud is D'ni

Post by Dni_seeker 5 »

I knew it!!!

Now we HAVE to find Number Two. Maybe they have something to say about this.

Funny... the cultists seemed proud to be D'ni, but it's the exact opposite for Ben. I wonder why...

And there's also the Prophecy of the Two Trees. If Ben is D'ni, the line about the son of the lost empire could be referring to him.

I wonder what this "terrible choice" is going to be...
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