Chemical weapons

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Chemical weapons

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Kelsei and I were in Ae'gura and something very strange happened. Apparently, Marcus Johnson, Tally, and a third saboteur poured some kind of CHEMICAL on the Linking Books in Ae'gura (not the Nexus books, thank goodness). I was exposed to this chemical. Here are the symptoms that I experienced:
Eye watering
Heightened light sensitivity
Visual and auditory hallucinations
If you have used any Ae'gura books, been in the Kahlo Pub, the Library, the museum, the Kadish Gallery, or have experienced ANY of these symptoms, contact Dr. Quinlan IMMEDIATELY. You may have been exposed to the unknown chemical.
Kelsei has a chatlog about her cleanup in Ae'gura.
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Re: Chemical weapons

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Adding in my own symptoms of exposure- baring in mind I wore a maintainer suit the entire time- all I had was a headache after. It could be more severe reactions vary on a person by person basis, or it could've been stress related. We'll have to wait for Tenny to get test results back for more info.
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