A bizzare incident in Ae'gura

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Re: A bizzare incident in Ae'gura

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....although admittedly they strike me as thosedealing in the stuff. Well, except for actually selling to explorers. Sure no medical supplies were stolen during the vandalism? And a broken piece of machinery you've 'broken' again is a great way to dead-drop transit something, if it's not working and you can stuff yourf package in a dry flow pipe. Or a disabled telescope.

But I'm a bit paranoid now... don't mind me, I'll be jumping to conclusions until we know more.
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Re: A bizzare incident in Ae'gura

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Jules Lavisham wrote: Sun Jun 26, 2022 7:49 pm The first one of you to even THINK about making a Breaking Carlsbad reference out of all of this is going to get a Look from me.

But in any case, we should probably move any further consideration of this somewhere a little more... secure. And in-person.
I'm sorry, what is Breaking Carlsbad?
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Re: A bizzare incident in Ae'gura

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