ATTN: Known Criminals to Look For

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Carl Palmner
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ATTN: Known Criminals to Look For

Post by Carl Palmner »

Ok, as discussed in the meeting yesterday, we've come across five names of the mysterious troublemakers who keep sabotaging and stealing things (and who have now attempted at least one murder). If you see ANY of these names on your KI, PLEASE find them, take a KI shot, and send them to me at KI# 258876. It would be helpful if you would include the name of the person in the picture, as well. Do not engage physically with these criminals, especially Tally. They may be dangerous.

Mita Staser 11934130
Casey Kafsing 11934356
Sanna Koskelainen 11938528
Marcus Johnson 11799065
Tally 11934822

Please add these KIs to your Buddy Lists. If you see any of them, find them, take a picture, and send it to me with the name.
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Re: ATTN: Known Criminals to Look For

Post by Tyion »

Greetings Carl

Considering the seriousness of this issue, would you like C.C.N to put out any kind of a bulletin? As you know we've gotten the lights turned back on and just released our first interview segment. However, we are planning to make short general news announcements and I can include one about this if you'd like? You could even write it up/record it yourself if you wish.

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