Okay, who the heck was that?

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Dni_seeker 5
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Okay, who the heck was that?

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I was on a Door Run and there was someone in the Hood whose KI wasn't on my list. Who was he? Was he just some explorer? Or was he someone else? After what happened in Dr. Quinlan's clinic, I don't think we can just willy-nilly trust everyone we meet. And (this is especially weird) he linked into the Garden Age and when I followed him, he wasn't there. So can anyone provide any information on who the heck that guy was? Thank you.
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Kelsei A. Taylor
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Re: Okay, who the heck was that?

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It's possible you got put on someone's ignore list- If I recall correctly that's standard KI behavior for ignored individuals on both sides of the interaction. As for the linking, Perhaps a quick Relto to leave?
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