Echo's Vision

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Carl Palmner
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Echo's Vision

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Within an hour of Madame Sophia's prophecy, Echo McKenzie showed up. We had a great discussion about Sophia, and then Echo went into one of her trances and had a vision. I think this is the first time that's happened in years. I didn't include the entire log here--just the part where she actually has her vision. I also edited out private messages.

TL;DR: Echo saw a group clustered in the Concert Hall Foyer during the Fall, trying to evacuate a large group of children. Two cloaked figures showed up and took one child through a book. The book ended up falling into the lake somewhere. Afterwards (not included in the log) we speculated about who the mysterious figures were and why they rescued just one child. It was suggested that the child might be some sort of "chosen one" (but chosen for what, we have no idea) and that this may be connected to Madame Sophia's vision, as they happened so close together.

EDIT: Just noticed there's a longer transcript (includes some conversation before the vision) in the Transcripts section of the forum. So I'm trimming this one down to JUST Echo's words, for anyone who wants to see just what her vision was.

Echo is with explorers in Kirel.

(05/07 13:51:41) Echo McKenzie: something twitchy....
(05/07 13:52:22) Echo McKenzie: not here.

Echo uses the Nexus Linking Book and goes to AeGura. Explorers follow. They find her in the concert hall foyer.

(05/07 13:55:55) Echo McKenzie: Gettng to the Library during the fall was, pardon my D'ni, a complete cluster...
(05/07 13:56:45) Echo McKenzie: Crushes of people. Sometimes literally. Not all the deaths were from the gas or the earthquake.
(05/07 13:57:45) Echo McKenzie: So what do you do when you can't get to the public books in the middle of a supposedly natural disaster?
(05/07 13:57:54) Echo McKenzie: You congregate.
(05/07 13:57:56) Echo McKenzie: Here.
(05/07 14:00:32) Echo McKenzie: There are many children here. Someone has brought a book, and they're sending the children through.
(05/07 14:01:34) Echo McKenzie: The little ones are scared. Maybe its the d'ni version of a daycare?
(05/07 14:02:44) Echo McKenzie: two people in cloaks. Not guild cloaks.
(05/07 14:03:26) Echo McKenzie: They stand out, because they seem so calm, everyone else is terrified.
(05/07 14:04:28) Echo McKenzie: One of the children sees them, and breaks from the line. None of the teachers notice.
(05/07 14:05:12) Echo McKenzie: more shaking, screaming. Gas is close.
(05/07 14:05:46) Echo McKenzie: Someone has brough more books, people are trying to get out as fast as they can
(05/07 14:06:21) Echo McKenzie: Cloaked person holds child and links through book held by other cloaked person.
(05/07 14:06:48) Echo McKenzie: shoves book under cloak and runs.

Echo heads down the stairs, explorers follow.

(05/07 14:07:21) Echo McKenzie: why *down*?

Echo reaches the large crack outside the Kadish Gallery and stops.

(05/07 14:07:52) Echo McKenzie: Oh.
(05/07 14:08:10) Echo McKenzie kneels down...
(05/07 14:08:52) Echo McKenzie: they fell. With b oth books.
(05/07 14:09:09) Echo McKenzie: the ground split, and they fell.
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Carl Palmner
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Re: Echo's Vision

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Early questions:

-Who was the child?
-Who were the cloaked figures?
-What was the second book referred to when Echo said "BOTH" books?
-Where did the child and one of the figures Link to, and how does it relate to us?
-Is this connected to Madame Sophia's prophecy of the future, less than an hour before?
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Kelsei A. Taylor
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Re: Echo's Vision

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I have no idea what to make of any of this. Though, those are certainly very good questions.
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