Elonin Released.

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Elonin Released.

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The D’ni Neighborhood Elonin was released on 4/29/22, worked on by Dulcamara and Ametist.

Elonin, roughly meaning “Elevated Home” in D’ni, is a pair of elevated apartments somewhere in the D’ni Cavern, overlooking the lake.
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Re: Elonin Released.

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It was a great release, and as always, I'm amazed by the line! :mrgreen:

You can find the chatlog in transcripts, here. :)
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Re: Elonin Released.

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Explored it the other day. I must admit, I wasn't expecting it to be so grand! The size alone had me in awe. Well, that and the sealed off doors. Could see a couple of parties or community press events being held here. There certainly is enough space. I also wonder what is behind a lot of these doors....
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