Eder Gira

When I get some time I really need to set up a more comfortable spot to sleep on.

I spent a lot of time in Ae’gura yesterday, conversing with a fair few explorers down at the Ferry Terminal, not many other places to gather currently. The vast stairwell (The Great Stairs as it is known) is blocked off at the top, barring access from the Tokotah Courtyard. Half way up the Great Stairs is a damaged portion of wall that leads to a corridor, within is a blocked area which is curtained off currently, I was planning on darting under the curtain and checking it out but someone approached the area so I left, I’ll explore it later.

Growing tired I retired to Relto to once again sleep on the floor with only my backpack as a pillow.

I slept late, the constant dark of the cavern and quickly moving to an Age at the peak of its day is jarring, like a really bad case of jet lag. I think it will take some time to settle into this new pace of life.

This fact was made worse when I decided to spend today on Eder Gira.

The heat hit me right away, a vent near by spewed steam into the the evening air. In the purplish sky I could see that the Age had twin moons.

Eder Gira

The cracked earth gave way to a different substance of rock, and from the looks of it I’d venture a guess to say it was caused by a lava flow, indeed this theory was enforced as I reached the edge of the cliff I was standing upon and looked down to see a lava flow.

Several pipes lead up towards a structure high up on the cliff wall, it seems to be siphoning the thermal energy from the Age, but for what use I am unsure of.

The Age has rudimentary plantlife, some thorny vines, and scrub grasses as well as some plants with a large leaf to them, there are also large bell shaped plants which I must admit I had failed to notice at first due to their similar colouring to the surrounding rock.

The lower level was blocked by rockfall, but continuing past it opened out onto a wonderful view. A small lake fed by waterfalls tumbling over the rocks, jutting from the water was bones of some huge creature. The best part to all this were the strange manta ray like fish which swam in the waters, these fish apparently had some kind of bioluminescence to them which allows for parts of their body to glow a blueish purple colour.

Behind the waterfall there is a relatively large cave, inside seems to be some wooden basket like items, not sure what the use for these are yet, but I have some ideas what I could use them for. It appears the cave reaches back and ventures further into the rock, despite the two geothermic lighting systems I found and activated the way appears to still be a little two dark, I shall require alternate lighting before exploring into it more.

However, not one of these marvels held my interest as much as the strange tablet I found sitting on one of the bone fragments. A strange item constructed of whiteish pink rock, upon it was a burlap fabric extremely similar to the “Journey Cloths” I had seen in the Cleft. Upon the cloth, to my surprise was a Linking panel, unfortunately I couldn’t quite make out where it Linked to.

Across a stream leading from the pool of water was a small structure of stone and wood, upon it seemed to be another Linking Book.

As it turns out it was, and it was just the Book I had been looking for, the Eder Kemo Book.

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