Sul Development

I spent the night on Sul, which allowed for some observations on the climate and wildlife. I have noticed that the temperature drops significantly but not to the point where is causes discomfort, indeed with the warmth coming from the various fissures it actually provides a nice cool feeling that is rather refreshing.

I have also noticed that some of the wildlife has a bio-luminescence to them which kicks in during the night. Various fungi give of wonderful blue hues that look especially pleasant next to the strange reeds that give off a purple light, I also noticed some odd looking berries that warrant a further look.

I plan to catalogue them when work on the lab has been completed.

Given that Steve had projects elsewhere that required his attention, Soph decided to stop by and lend a hand with her group. We managed to close up the fissure in the cavern floor after concerns about people perhaps stumbling into it, however given the relationship the fissure had with the water we installed a seal which would still allow for levels of heat to be maintained.
Tomorrow work will continue on the floor, we had been discussing some protective tiles that would allow for us to strengthen the floor in case of any problems.

Most of the day was spent on the walls and ceiling of the cave, removing obstructions and adding some decorative touches (that will also function for the lab when it is complete). I drew a quick plan up this morning for the placement of the workbench and a doorway to cover the passage that leads off.

It has been a productive day, I’m pleased. If work continues at this rate the lab should be completed in a few days.

Night will fall within the next hour, I plan on observing the changes in the wildlife as the cycle from day to night commences.

Exploring Sul

It was apparent the changes had taken effect as soon as we arrived on Sul, the heavy heat in the air and the acrid taste were no more. Instead the heat was what one would consider normal for the location, and the air felt cleaner.

The last visits to Sul before the changes were made had shown us large sections crumbling away, giving way to that onslaught of molten rock, the changes wrought by this were vast. The Link in point was still in the same place, and whilst it looked vaguely familiar the changes made by myself to the Book had caused more changes to the Age.

With the hostile air gone, the old wildlife had returned, and then some we had not witnessed before. The sea of molten rock was no more, things were apparently stable. The sky continued to keep a sense of its previous foreboding nature, but this time we could see the stars peeking through.

Within the basin another smaller basin had formed from where the lava well was previously. The water had settled in, through the water we could see that below was another cave system with a fissure providing the heat that set the water in place.

Steven and I set up some ropes and lowered ourselves down through the small fissure and into the cave below. It opened out into a larger cave with a passage leading deep into the rock, an orange glow coming from it indicated that it probably opened out to another magma pool.

We spent a couple of ours there studying the rock and surrounding formations hoping that the instabilities of before had been fix. I plan on setting up a makeshift lab in the cavern below the basin to observe over a period of time to make sure it is safe before we even consider letting others visit.

Tomorrow I shall bring some supplies over to get set up.

Christmas & Kehrahn

The Christmas holidays saw the majority of us heading up to the surface to spend the season with family and friends.

For us it was a double new, it was the first Christmas of me being a US resident and the first Christmas in our own place. Despite some issues in November and the chaos of organizing it went well, the kids seem to certainly enjoy themselves.

With the holidays over I returned to the cavern to continue the work we are doing, one project was Kehrahn. Upon seeing Cass my wife expressed an interest in having a Linking Book to a similar location albeit purple instead of blue. So for our one year anniversary that is coming up at the end of the month I thought I would Write a small Age for her, I may not be able to give her the world, but I can give her a world (sappy I know but I adore my wife).


Work has been progressing nicely over the course of time, I based the design heavily on Cass with some changes (the Kehrahn Book is almost a copy of the Cass Book), I don’t plan to get into the habit of duplicating Books I feel it belittles the specialness of the Ages contained within, almost like mass production of a classing painting or something, not that I could deem any of my Ages to be classical, they simply are what they are.

Thankfully the project hasn’t been as much of a disaster as Winterbloom, which still hasn’t reached phase 5.

Changes Completed

I have completed the changes finally, I would have been finished yesterday had I not taken time out to work on that small side project, but it was worth it.

We’ve been going over the Book making sure all is in order, from what I can tell it should be right.

We will soon be getting ready to return to see if things have worked out as I hope.

Luminesce Stained Glass Window

Giles has been posting his journal entries recently regarding an Age he is writing called Luminesce. The other day he posted a map he had drawn out for what he hopes the Age will look like when it is finished, in my experience the Ages never quite work out the way you expect them too, but I enjoy the surprise in that, it takes on a life of its own.

The map however inspired me, more specifically the symbol for the Age inspired me, so today I took a break from Kehrahn and Sul and worked upon a small project which I have now finished.

Using the left over glass from previous stained glass window projects I constructed a new one based on Luminesce’s symbol.

Luminesce Stained Glass Window

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, given that it was rushed, there are some changes I’d like to make, some of the weld spots, some of the glass I used, I think the colours could be tweaked (the blue in the sky is a little too vibrant for my liking). I’m debating hanging this in the gallery on Cass with other works although I am tempted to see what Giles makes of it.

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