Harbingers: The Maintainer

Admittedly I finished this piece last year, and it has been sat in my studio for that year as I’ve been focusing on other things. It then got buried under other work until I started working on the updated version of The Fallen Lord when I remembered that I had to reveal the final painting of the series, The Maintainer. So here it is, The Maintainer, Sauhrnir.

The Maintainer

Kehrahn Map

Sul Developments

I admit it, I have no idea what is going to happen to Cass. Originally my plan was for it to become my lab, and whilst we were planning it I would set up a temporary lab on Sul whilst I experimented with the water there. But as time has gone on, I’ve been seeing Sul more and more as my little home away from home, and expanding the lab in Sul to a second room has done little to help the desire to stay put instead of moving to Cass.

So I have decided to keep it on Sul, I have a few ideas mulling around for Cass, it isn’t a top priority at the moment so there is no rush.

Speaking of experiments, my ongoing studies into Sul’s water continues, whilst I have since ruled out the possibility of it being used to help the D’ni lake water I am looking into the relationship between the two forms of algae and any potential developments they may yield in other areas.

I have also started looking into the KI technology, and how that works in relation to the Ages, borrowing from ideas mentioned in Catherine’s journals regarding some experiments Atrus did in the past. Sophie has been lending her technical skills with D’ni technology to help me conduct the experiments I desire.

I am finding it difficult to find the time between running my own projects and working on the various Ages we are Developing/Restoring. I am loathe to take time out more frequently, nothing will get done. But on the same note, I feel myself burning out and if that happens then nothing really will get done on my end.

New Books of Commentary Covers

To a degree I like uniformity, makes things easier to find if you know what you’re looking for, especially when dealing with books in D’ni.

The various Books of Commentary in the Ages are currently in their draft books, so I have been looking to design a finished book cover product that we can implement. Yesterday I received the proofs back yesterday for the designs, so I figured I would put one up on Beneath for people to check out.

The design inspiration came from the Penguin Classics book sets, whilst mulling ideas over I happened to look down at my copy of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” and thought a design based on that would be interesting. It is tempting to work within the aesthetics of D’ni, the big old leatherbound books, but we’re not D’ni and hints of our culture will slowly seep into the cavern, indeed it already has, so I thought something more contemporary would be an interesting direction to go, yes even with something as simple as a book cover.

Cass Book of Commentary

Sul, DRC & Water Samples

What a day, what a day..

My trip to Ae’gura was delayed slightly when I discovered water on the floor in the office on Sul. There really shouldn’t be water on the floor, it goes against the principles of the water. So I took a look into it, and it would see my calculations for the seal in the office was off, the temperature emanating from it has slowly been lowering.

As a result we have removed the seal to allow for the temperature to rise which is a shame as I liked the design of the seal. In its place I opted to use the old mesh walkway design we used for Sul before the stability issues. It will allow for safety whilst allowing for the correct temperature to be maintained and kept without loss through the metal and glass.

Sophie has agreed to give me a hand resolving the issue which should be fixed by tomorrow, it’s only a small area to replace so it shouldn’t take long.

Eventually with the issue understood I headed to the city to collect my samples. It would seem whilst I was in there some security sensors left by the DRC were set off, not by me but it must have been elsewhere. Sophie contacted me over my KI not long after I had been in the cavern to say that Victor Laxman had posted a message on the DRC forums about the sensors going off and asking if someone can go and investigate.
Not sure if he’ll get a reply but if he does, can it mean DRC back in the cavern? It’s been a while for sure, and it would be nice to bump into Sutherland again.

However I have my samples, and tomorrow I hope to continue with my studies.

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