I seem to be living down in the archives these days. The interesting thing is I discovered some old KI images of my first Age, Fahets.



I can’t even remember where the Linking Book for it is now, it should be in the archives with everything else but I have yet to see it, that said there is still several boxes of stuff to go through.

I need to take a look through it and see if it is around, if the Age is stable I might see about making it public.

Sounding Technology

Sophie and her team have been looking into D’ni sounding technology, sonar and surface equivalents lately, so I decided to stop by her workshop and see what she was getting up to and find out what she was actually planning on doing. She showed me some of the concepts for the device, she’s been wondering if we can’t use the similar sounding technology to sound out an Age, then have the data collected and plotted to form a 3D construct. Would make mapping and aspects of surveying a lot easier if we can view it however we want.

I was surprised to see she had a version of the device half built, she’s missing a few parts which we may salvage from elsewhere. Hopefully we’ll have a working version to pilot before the week is out.

Shell 438

Earlier last week Aloys handed over ownership of 438 to us. We headed over to the shell a couple of days ago to draw up plans of what development will take place. Having finalized the plans and given the go ahead work commenced. Decided to swing by and see how it was going earlier today.

Ahra Pahts Shell 438

Grass has been removed, soil was dryer than I had thought it would be. We didn’t consider how we were going to remove the soil though, perhaps we can get one of the Frostspines from Northland to bring in some digging equipment.

Ahra Pahts Shell 438

Course another question is where will the soil and rock go when we dig it all out? I guess we could use a Frostspine for that but to be honest I’m not sure how and if they will handle the warmer weather.

Staying Put

Been hearing whispers about people leaving the Cavern lately. Some feel the DRC won’t be back with funding.

I’m not going anywhere, I have long felt we over rely on the DRC and although I find myself not being too fond of Yeesha these days, her words “find a way” has been a mantra that our group have worked with since the DRC first pulled out.

Back in 2003 we did just that, we made plans to meet up at The Cleft, Link to one of our Reltos before Linking back to our hood Tehren. From there it was just a matter of using the Links in our possession to extend our access into the City and Ages.

Course this time such actions are not needed, as over the years we have continued to gain access to areas and retain Links to them.

Some of the Archivers have been out finishing the documentation we had started, the Linking Books to places like Minkata, Jalak Dador and so forth have been put in the Archive in Tehren for storage just in case the books are removed from the Cavern (which has happened before).

Keira and Steve are off on a supply run later, Rob will be coming back with them as he will be joining us “full time” down in the Cavern. A lot of changes coming to the group, yet at the same time a lot remains the same. Same old crowd, sans Dave and James of course, same old projects, mind you Rob isn’t just helping with the funding he is taking a more active role in the group.

Sometimes I wonder if we could attempt what Yeesha did with Kadish to bring Dave back to us.

Cleft Window

Work is progressing nicely with the window for The Cleft. Had to re make the symbol for the Journey however, the version I had envisioned in my design did not work out as I had expected.

The Cleft Stained Glass Window

I have been having some trouble trying to acquire the pieces I did for Eder Tsogahl and Eder Delin back from the DRC. In the end I decided that I would rather use all new developed windows for the Age and not include the restored windows. Which works for me seeming the new windows take a different approach to resembling the Ages/Areas, instead of being a representational view that was deployed in the Delin and Tsogahl pieces, I am working from actual KI images taken in the various locations.

I think the initial count of 15 windows was incorrect, I have a feeling if all the pieces are made as planned it may be more.

The Journey

  • The Cleft
  • Relto
  • Gahreesen
  • Teledahn
  • Kadish Tolesa
  • Eder Gira
  • Eder Kemo

To D’ni

  • Bevin Neighbourhood
  • Kirel Neighbourhood
  • Great Zero
  • Ae’gura
  • Phil’s Relto
  • Descent

Path of Co-operation

  • Eder Delin
  • Eder Tsogahl

Path of Observation

  • Negilahn
  • Dereno
  • Payiferen
  • Tetsnot

Path in the Stars

  • Minkata

Path of the Shell

  • Watchers Sanctuary
  • Ahnonay
  • Ahnonay Cathedral
  • Er’cana
  • K’veer
  • Myst

There should be 26 windows, maybe more if we included the Quest that Dr. Watson took but I am not sure whether that should factor in or not.

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