Words Book Two

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Author: The Watcher

Date Discovered: TBC
Location: The Hut - Relto
Watcher's Sanctuary - Ae'gura

] Do not trust the sons of the burdened one.
] They will seek comfort in their books.
] This is the warning of the fall.
] Do not seek comfort in your books.
] When destruction comes, other ages will not save you.
] Seen under bones in the jail cells,
] A row of keys is here.
] Minds are soft, hearts are callused.
] In the new place chaos reigns.
] Wisdom is hidden.
] But a storm approaches, and a new river flows.
] Its waters of deep red stain the land.
] Cross the valley of dry sand and new blooms will appear.
] Wisdom is found.
] The action of the gathered means nothing.
] The action of the deceived is toiling in vain.
] The dam has been destroyed,
] And the river opened.
] He who unleashes its fury
] Screams for mercy, and calls for help.
] But no one comes.
] As death drowns him,
] It takes everything in its path.
] Darkness makes the righteous humble and the evil bold.
] Darkness comes at the end of time.
] Take the path upward, or those above will travel downward.
] Seek the path of the shell.
] The meeting of worlds is destruction and blessing.
] The kingdom of D’ni is not made of rock and stone, but heart and mind.
] They rejoice at a spark,
] Though they never see the fire.
] They rejoice at a star,
] Though they never see the sun.
] They honor magicians,
] And never know of true power.
] They bow to liars,
] Because truth cannot wait.
] When the tree dies there will come a new one.
] A grower to learn of the death.
] A grower to see new life.
] A grower to bring the gathered.
] A grower to restore the least.
] A grower to move through time.
] A grower to link at will.
] A grower to follow the shell.
] A grower to banish the darkness.
] A grower to graft the branches.
] A grower to join the paths.
] Black turns to green.
] Red and yellow fruits emerge.
] And he laughs at the worm,
] And soon there are many.
] The hill of fire allows them to find their way.
] Evil follows their path.
] One will take where another left off.
] Vagabonds enter unknowingly.
] Incomplete is the task at hand.
] Soon there will be another.
] Thought not a King, the Ruler dies.
] The spilling of his blood
] Creates rivers in the city.
] He laughs and smiles and cries at him
] And the one with him.
] Another teachers,
] So that the choices are ours.
] The patient find solace in the wait,
] While the restless follow the path of folly.
] Follow the patient path.
] There are three who live in darkness and silence.
] Blinded are those who search for them.
] One saves D’ni and dies
] At the hands of rulers.
] Another destroys D’ni and lives
] At the hands of followers.
] There is another who both destroys and saves;
] Both lives and dies,
] At the hands of both rulers and followers.
] While there is always strength in the hidden,
] There is a great trust in those who live and die.
] The Maker uses those who are willing.
] He provides a light to discern the willing from the wicked.
] A light in the cavern eases fears and provides comfort for the willing.
] A light in the cavern causes the wicked to scurry to the darkness.
] A new life, in a new place, begins for a few;
] Full of blessings, full of good.
] But maturity does not come from ease and prosperity.
] Prepare for suffering, and growth will come.
] Life dies, darkness spreads.
] Day ends, Night grows.
] What is this invasion?
] For the fourth time, they come.
] Two come to war;
] Two run from war;
] Two die;
] Two live although they kill.
] All of them;
] Above whom are none
] They believe.
] So I say again
] Seven they are,
] Though little do they realize.
] Only four is seen as they see.
] For seven is one,
] And one is seven.
] Libraries hold the writings of man.
] Hearts hold the truth of the Maker.