Words Book One

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Author: The Watcher

Date Discovered: TBC
Location: The Hut - Relto
Watcher's Sanctuary - Ae'gura

] Revere the Maker; cherish the made.
] Here lies wisdom.
] The door lies at the end of the path.
] Who will gather? Many.
] Who will finish? Few.
] The grower will take time.
] The grower will bring light.
] The grower will have Ages.
] Take it, and move it to and fro.
] Bring light, and give it to the dark places.
] Have Ages, and link to them without bindings.
] Loud cries yet again.
] Can it be made? No.
] We mourn our loss.
] No one sees.
] In the rock where changes are found.
] Because of tunnels D’ni has changed forever.
] New events surround us,
] Awaiting our arrival.
] The path to the left or right?
] That is the only power of man.
] The grower leads in the dark,
] While the deceiver flails in the light.
] The grower raises truth in the absence of eyes,
] While the deceiver blesses them in clear view of many.
] Without the grower, those who are like the grower would never learn.
] Without the grower, the name known by all would not have existed.
] Knowing the least is the path of wisdom.
] A sweet aroma rising up.
] Kings and prophets, the proud ones have the stench of death.
] The passing of time brings the path to the gathered.
] A breach has been cut, and now the paths are joined.
] The giving of gifts heals the wound of the builder.
] In cages they weep,
] Time and again.
] But without their tears,
] Truth remains hidden.
] Your cry is your call.
] If no one will hear them, weep for us.
] The choices of the wise bring pleasure to the Maker.
] The meeting of worlds is death and life.
] They count years and months.
] A long week is as short as an age is long.
] There is noise where once there was silence;
] Light where once there was not.
] Stone stands tall,
] And rock falls down.
] And they are watched;
] Always.
] Not knowing.
] Silence will return.
] Light will fade.
] Stone will fall.
] Rock will grow,
] Again.
] From the shadow of the wound, history will be rewritten.
] The disease will spread until D’ni cannot be saved.
] Seven they are,
] Though little do they realize
] Only four is seen as they see.
] For seven is one,
] And one is seven.
] Writing of links is a gift to be cherished.
] Where are our people?
] Who are our people?
] What are our people?
] Cry those who die on the streets.
] The crumbling of the walls will come from within.
] The stories of the destroyer will be the start of the burden.
] The burdened one will come from outside.
] The burden of the remnant will be laid upon his shoulders.
] Be still and the path will be made known.
] What will grow?
] The tree of all things.
] Who will grow it?
] The grower.
] Pages burn.
] Ink spills.
] Is there no one to protect us?
] When we turn against ourselves.
] Books will be your stronghold, and then you will die.
] The destroyer will cut down this great tree of wickedness?
] Another place will be their refuge,
] Another place will be their home.
] Dance and celebrate, for the tree grows again.
] Seven nameless abused;
] Six called abused;
] Five sent away;
] Four sell to three;
] Three excepted without eighteen;
] Two one of eight;
] One wear color and hold paper.
] Poison fills the hearts of many;
] New air enters some.
] Believe.
] The scream you hear has no breath.
] Old ways are kept just to test.
] Curses reign upon the others;
] From the lips of the proud.
] Eyes are removed,
] Yet sight is restored.