Words Book Five

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Author: The Watcher

Date Discovered: TBC
Location: The Hut - Relto
Watcher's Sanctuary - Ae'gura

] Do my wishes deceive me?
] I have never seen like this before
] Darkness and tears fill my eyes,
] But not today.
] No longer do they mourn;
] No longer do they not realize their path.
] Is this the ending?
] Is this what I wait for?
] There can be no deception
] With such dreams that outweigh my own.
] Does this end have to leave so soon?
] Do not take the end from me.
] Do not put out the least for they will save you.
] The gathered will tell of the path of the shell.
] The bound will know of the path of the stone.
] Words are many, but action is what is desired.
] The gathered will find rest when the light comes.
] The circle is broken;
] The metal is melted in the fire.
] Strangely the cloth does not burn.
] The cloth of many;
] It remains in the fire
] And produces new life.
] Though the circle is gone
] It has brought triumph.
] The dreams of the wise are a gift from the Maker.
] The cleft is blessing to the gathered.
] Contempt is a gift from the accuser.
] Roll the stone to know the deceiver.
] They ask for it again.
] They cry out for yesterday.
] They want wisdom united
] Under one.
] “Never”, He says.
] That time has vanished.
] Misery will be great
] If that ancient place is visited again.
] Can a dead tree grow again?
] A man looks and sees death.
] It has been cut to nothing.
] There are no more branches,
] And no future is seen.
] But the Maker looks and sees life
] Beneath the death and destruction.
] A drop of water falls from the sky,
] And begins the journey downward.
] And the roots drink deeply.
] With the wisdom of the grower a new branch will grow.
] The burdened one will write to save worlds, and save one.
] The dreamer will dream to save worlds, and save many.
] The path is folly for those who toil.
] The path is wise for those who wait.
] I see the tree, with so many branches.
] What a sight!
] To watch it fall, and grow again.
] Can teeth replace Books?
] Can hands replace Ink?
] Can mirrors replace memory?
] Can one replace the many?
] When such things are believed
] So an ending nears.
] The Maker listens to D’ni,
] And he hears nothing.
] All of them look over you.
] And they do not see the right path.
] Follow the path of light, enter a new beginning.
] They seek answers in Ink and Paper
] And only find truth.
] They seek change in truth
] And only find empty hearts.
] They follow the truth and denounce all that is within.
] Evil is buried as quickly as love.
] They study the truth and denounce all choice.
] Evil is shunned as quickly as good.
] Perfection is sought as quickly as evil.
] Seek knowledge and you will find evil.
] Seek wisdom and you will find knowledge.
] Seek truth and you will find wisdom.
] Seek love and you will find truth.
] A new river flows through the land,
] Its paths are chosen wisely.
] The waters have lived through many dry lands
] And are no longer deceived by imaginary images.
] There are some who hear it roar through the land;
] Some see the dark waves and ripples.
] Those who refuse to acknowledge that it flows
] Are swept away by the storm that follows.
] Make a path to the sun,
] And the light will sine upon you.
] Make a path to the sky,
] And the storms will come.
] A new tree buries the beliefs of old;
] A tree of stone and power.
] Deep roots sustain it;
] Roots that absorb the waters of the past;
] Waters long forgotten
] But still flowing underground;
] Under new trees, with barks of life
] And rings of stone.
] Under the sun is the bringer of destruction.
] To the wound the bringer of pride returns.
] But the son of the son will carry the burden.
] And his wife will face the storm.
] Give him a pen, and he will plan.
] Give her a pen, and she will dream.
] And a daughter will carry the burden of her father.
] And the daughter of the daughter will live in peace.