The Third Path Timeline

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The Projects page has been updated with a little info on Fahets and the current development log.


Development of Fahets is has continued underway after a 2 year gap.

The missing Linking Book to Fahets has been located.


The "Sounders" have been further improved and are ready for use upon the Ages in our possession.


Sophie’s team has been experimenting with a new sounder device that will allow 3D mapping of the various Ages and areas, initial tests have been good but need more work.


Phases 1 and 2 have been scheduled to commence tomorrow.

Initial Link to "Eder Allatwan" made by Keith and Steven. Initial tests indicate stable environment.


The group does seem to change around a lot doesn’t it?

Around 5 years ago The Third Path was formed with the notion of archiving D’ni, uniting the explorers and running the "Ter’ni Project", a project that sought to repopulate D’ni once again, mixing D’ni culture with Earth and creating a new branch on the Great Tree of Possibility.

The DRC pulled out and closed the Cavern in 2004, and we became focused on taking on the restoration ourselves, thus the group became the Restorers Guild.

In 2006 the DRC returned, and once again the left and the cavern closed again. At this point the focus of the group had left restoration, leaving it to the DRC to do. Instead focus turned to The Art and the Ages that members of the group had written over the years.

So the group discussed between themselves, and with Robert Lumley about the future and what to do. It was decided to go back to the roots and become The Third Path again, albeit slightly different than before.

So the Restorers Guild is gone? Well no, not quite. The Restorers Guild is now a small group of people within The Third Path who primarily deal with restoration projects that get brought to our attention either by the D’ni Restoration Council or the Subterranean Restorations groups. It is just that restoration is not our prime focus.

Not only that but with the rise of the Guilds, we felt that perhaps it would be best to not get people confused as to whether we are trying to be a Guild or just be a group.

- The Third Path


Restoration of the painting The Prophetess was approved Phase 5 status and sent over to the Subterranean Restoration team.


Tefoonetahn today passed Phase 1. A full team is still not assigned to the Age but work progresses slowly. The Restorers Guild plans to put some pages of the Book of Commentary up for visitors to read. A related restoration project is planned, more details about that to come.

After the events of November 5th, more of the Restorers Guild staff have left the cavern until the Bahro conflict passes. Majority of projects have slowed down as a result (along with updates to the site).


Upper level of the "D’ni Jazz Club" has passed phase 1.

Clean up is being carried out, 2nd floor is being designated as The Firemarble’s office.

Steven’s team have working on some Firemarble tapestries to hang in the office.


Work began on restoring lamps for the Tehren Neighbourhood. A test lamp was placed upon the stairs to see how it looked. Lamp has been deemed a little to wide second version is being worked upon.


Joseph and Keira Benson along with other engineers of the Restorers Guild have left the cavern fearing for safety.

Meeting is held after news of the Bahro War increasing is heard.

The Restorers Guild welcomes Phil Henderson back to the Cavern, we’ve missed you Phil.


Keith Lord takes his first trip to the pub location designated as a "D’ni Jazz Club" since Darryl Pogue’s work on the area. Access is given the the rest of the Restorers Guild.

The Nexus book is damaged and does not work, use of the book is ill-advised.


The stained glass window for the Great Zero has passed Phase 5 approval and has been sent to the DRC for consideration.


Phase 1 work has started on a Kadish Tapestry that the Guild is working on for the Subterranean Restorations group.

Phase 2 Passed.
Phase 3 Passed.
Phase 4 Passed.

Final restoration work has been completed and shipped to the SR group.


The Restorers Guild forums have now been opened once again to the public. They are still having some minor issues which will hopefully be ironed out as time goes on.

Feel free to stop by, chat with fellow explorers and ask us questions.


Engineer Eric Wilson has organized a game of football (soccer) to take place this weekend.

Restorers Guild Council members and Engineers take a much needed vacation.


With the re-opening of the Restorers Guild website, we at the RG hope to step our cavern presence slightly (time permitting of course).

We are aware of how inquisitive the explorer community can be, we are part of the explorer community ourselves and so we realize that some of you will perhaps have questions for us.

As a result we have opened up a public Restorer Guild neighbourhood in which we shall drop by and attempt to answer any questions you may have.

See you in the Cavern.

- The RestorersGuild.


The outpost has been set up and a link to Tehren established. Camera equipment is being set up by Sophie and her team.

With the increasing attacks on wildlife in “Reziksehv” the RG has decided to set up an outpost in Pod 12 to watch for any signs of the cause.


The stained glass window for Eder Delin has passed Phase 5 approval and has been sent to the DRC for consideration


The stained glass window for Eder Tsogahl has passed Phase 5 approval and has been sent to the DRC for consideration.


Joseph Benson has joined the Restorers Guild Council.


We are pleased to announce that after some discussions the Restorers Guild is restarting and will be continuing with the restoration of D’ni. Control of the Restorers Guild has been placed in the hands of Dr. Keira Benson as the Guilds founder Keith Lord will not be rejoining at this time, however Keith has offered to host the Guilds site and design and implement it for us.

As we work on getting things up and running again we hope to start posting updates regarding the work we are currently doing.

If you would like to join the Guild as a Restoration Engineer please apply via the "jobs" page we have set up here: Job Application

Thank you for your continued interest and we hope to see you in the Cavern.

Dr. Keira Benson
Steven Ross
Sophie Thomas


Still no sign of Keith, Dr. Benson decides to continue without him.

After yet more reports come in another team is dispatched to "Prelto" where they find that James Rofen is no longer there. It is believe he was helped by Thomas Davis one of the engineers who worked with James.


Reports of James Rofen being in the cavern continue to pour in, this is includes a KI image that shows someone who is either James or looks very similar to him.

Restorers Guild chairman Keith Lord has not been seen in a while, please contact the RG if you happen to see him.


The Restorers Guild’s investor Robert Lumley will be making a trip to the cavern to see how things are going.

The 5 member format of the Restorers Guild council is being changed to a 3 member format. The council members will be Keith Lord, Dr. Keira Benson and Sophie Thomas. Steven Ross will assigned Engineer status.

Reports have been received that James Rofen has been spotted in the cavern. A team was sent to "Prelto" to find him still there.

A walkway in the Tehren Neighbourhood collapsed today injuring 2 engineers. The engineers are well and are currently being treated in a hospital on the surface.


Age documents are being released to the public, this includes a document on wildlife in Negilahn.


The Restorers Guild Council are trying to talk to James to discover what happened and why he did what he did.

Sophie Thomas has returned to the group with news that James Rofen has been detained.


The Third Path today became the Restorers Guild. The group has talked long an hard about the future and with the acquired funding from Mr Lumley and the events of the past months we felt that we needed to start afresh.


Doorway at the Ferry terminal has been opened allowing for access to the docks.


Third Path members will be leaving the cavern for a while to come to terms with the events of the last few days.

Security measures will be reviewed with the revelation that James Rofen was involved in David’s passing.

The search for David ended when his body was discovered in the City Proper.


Search team has been assembled to look for Dave.

Keith and Keira return from a supply trip to find that David Clarke is missing. If any other explorers who returned to the cavern have seen him please let us know.


The group has reformed in the Tehren Neighbourhood and will continue with the work they started before the DRC pulled out.

The Third Path return to the Cavern without the DRC.


The Third Path make preparations for staying in D’ni without the DRC.

DRC announce that they are abandoning the restoration effort due to funding and will be pulling out of the Cavern.


A team is being assembled to venture up to the Guild Hall for confirmation

A section of wall fell on Phil Henderson apparently killing him.


The Third Path members patrol Eder Kemo awaiting a visit from Phil. Keith Lord later meets Phil in one of the Neighbourhoods.

Phil Henderson returns to the Cavern.


Welcome new explorers, to D’ni.

The D’ni Cavern is opened to the public.


The Third Path moves its base of operations from the Si’jehl Neighbourhood to the Tehren Neighbourhood.

Preparations are made for the opening of the Cavern in 4 days. We look forward to seeing you.


The Third Path is pleased to announce a new member to the council. Sophie Thomas will be joining us as a technician working with Dave Clarke in working with the D’ni technology we come across.