The Third Path FAQ

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What is the TTP?

TTP stands for The Third Path. It is an independent, informal group of individuals whose main purpose is to oversee the exploration,restoration, and development of D'ni and Human Ages.

The Third Path is headed by a council of 5 people, Keith Lord, Sophie Thomas, Steven Ross, Dr. Keira Benson and Robert Lumley. The foundation itself is staffed by many paid and volunteer staff who aid in the development work.

Does TTP determine what Ages and areas are open to the public?

Yes. We feel an obligation to preserve existing Ages, areas, structures, and artifacts. We are constantly working to make new areas of the Ages safe and accessible to the public. Until those areas are deemed safe, TTP will not allow public access. It’s in everyone’s best interest to be deliberate in the development of the various Ages.

What Ages and areas are currently opened?

Currently we have two Ages opened for public access, Fahets and Cass. We have also opened an area of D'ni up known as Fehnir's House. The Age of Kehrahn and Tehren Neighbour have also been opened up but as private access only currently.

Will the Guild of Writers and Maintainers be involved?

We regularly consult with the Guild of Writers on an almost daily basis. The Guild of Maintainers however have become almost defunct over the years so we do not consult with them in regards to Ages and areas being released. This may change in the future however.

Who are the D’ni I keep seeing mentioned?

The D’ni were an ancient race of people who arrived on Earth over 10,000 years ago, to a cavern under the New Mexico desert which they came to call D’ni. These people had a skill called The Art which allowed them to write Linking Books to other worlds.

Can I have a job?

If we have jobs available they will be posted to the Jobs page.

Can we have forums?

No we can’t Steve, stop asking.