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Author: K.Lord

Date Written: 29/11/17
Date Released: TBD

Book location: N/A

Designation: Human Age


Sul is the fourth Age Written by Keith Lord. It is named after Sulis a Roman Goddess who was patron of the natural baths located in the town of Bath, England. With supplies of Korteenea and ink running low in the cavern Keith spent several years researching the processes the D'ni used to manufacture both. After many failed attempts he was finally met with success. Sul is the first Age Written with a Korteenea and ink that Keith himself developed.

The Age was initially Written to help with Keith's research into the D'ni lake water. As such the Age was specifically Written with this in mind in the hopes that it would present possible solutions to repairing the algae within the lake. During initial development of the Age Keith remarked that the Age reminded him of the Bahro, as a result Sul took on a secondary focus serving as a home to Keith's research into the Bahro culture as well as their relation to Yeesha, the Seers, and artifacts found within the D'ni cavern.


Sul is a small tropical Age with an island of large stone boulders covering a sandy beach. Surrounding the island is the vast remains of an unknown creature. The Link in point sits just off of the coast leading to a stone staircase that winds upwards to an enclosed area. Leading off of this area is an area with limited vegetation fed by a pool in the middle. The boulder in this area has been carved out by Keith as a replica of a Bahro cave where Keith carried out his research. Despite the mocking of his colleagues Keith feels that by mimicking the Bahro aesthetic in the Age it helps him get into the mindset of the Bahro and helps make connections between points of information he may have otherwise overlooked.

Beneath the island of Sul there is a small network of tunnels that connect a series of caves. The network is home to geothermic vents and fissures within the rock allowing access to the magma below and offering a form of power for the Age. The network leads down to a large cave which has been turned into a lab for Keith where he conducts his studies on the D'ni algae as well as a few other fields of interest.

Notable Wildlife

Ferns Leviathan thingy bones Smaller bones - Yara Fishies.


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