Sophie Thomas

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Born: September 1st 1971
Role: Chief Technician

Sophie Thomas serves as chief technician for The Third Path, a role she inherited from David Clarke after his death.

Sophie first came to D'ni in 2004 after she was contacted by David. Arranging transport to New Mexico Sophie met with David and Keith during one of their supply runs. There David told her what he had been working on and all about D'ni and its Ages. Despite her disbelief she agreed to accompany them to D'ni and see for it herself.

After standing in the city and looking out across the lake Sophie agreed to join the group and serve has David's number 2 on his team.

Sophie and David

Sophie and David have known each other for many years prior to both of them arriving in D'ni. They both met at the University of Utah where they were taking their engineering degrees and worked closely during their time there. When they both left to take jobs in their fields they remained in contact meeting occasionally to catch up.

David's Death

In early 2004 David Clarke went missing, the group searched frantically for him and for James Rofen who had also disappeared at the time (although this was not uncommon for James). Eventually Dr. Keira Benson ventured through the City Proper and discovered that David had died seemingly at the hands of James Rofen.

The group was devastated but none more than Sophie. After the group held a memorial to David Sophie left to head to the surface.

Capture of James Rofen

Sophie returned to D'ni unbeknownst to the rest of the group. In her anger at James she had devised a plan to hunt him down and get answers. Obtaining a Relto Book belonging to a Third Path restoration engineer that was no longer in D'ni she went to the Age and began to modify it turning it into a Prison Relto (or Prelto as the Age became known as).

After several months Sophie managed to track James down and Imprisoned him on Prelto. There the group assembled and tried to interrogate James to get answers about David's death and the work James had been carrying out.

Leaving the Third Path and Returning

After the DRC pulled out of the cavern for the second time Sophie like most of The Third Path members left D'ni and the group fell apart with Keith Lord being the only member to stay.

When Keith was contacted in regards to helping to restore the Ages contained in the DRC backlog he reached out to the old members of the group to see if they wanted to return and assist. Sophie despite her misgivings about returning and about the direction Keith had been taking in Writing Ages himself and working with Lore eventually agreed to return and help.