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Ancient Terahnee Prophecy

Flowers in the desert. The child's eyes opened wide.
A thousand million stars dance.
In the dark mirror of the pool.

Potential Meaning: This prophecy relates to Atrus' time with Ti'ana (Anna) at the Cleft during his childhood. A storm is approaching the Cleft so Anna and Atrus plant seeds in the surrounding desert to make the most of the rain. After the storm passes the flowers bloom during the night, the heavy rain pooled in the bottom of the Cleft giving the impression of a bottomless fissure.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.


Book 4

vv.3111 - He who numbers but does not name:
vv.3112 - It is he who heralds the coming tragedy.
vv.3113 - His footprints lay about the muddied pool.

Potential Meaning: This relates to Gehn, who numbered his Ages instead of naming them, and would bring pain and suffering to many of the worlds he visited. The last verse refers to the moment in which he returns to Ti'ana (Anna) at the Cleft to ask for her assistance in saving his wife Leira (Keta) who had fallen ill during being in labor with Atrus. As a result she died.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.

Book 7

vv.328 - Rivers of fire. Even the rocks burn.
vv.329 - An island rises from the sea.
vv.330 - Dark magic in an errant phrase.
vv.331 - The people bow to the lord of error.

Potential Meaning: Like the previous verse this one also relates to Gehn and his flawed writing which often resulted in his Ages being unstable. It also relates to how Gehn would make the natives of the Ages he wrote think of him as a God.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.


Inner and outer meet on a face on a page.
Deep lines and ancient eyes. Mirrored.
The door is open. The stranger comes.
Black flies the cloud behind the newcomer.

Potential Meaning: The first two verses relate to Anna being imprisoned in D'ni and her drawing of one of the D'ni nobles. The second two verses relate to Anna's arrival in D'ni and the destructions her arrival will bring.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.

Jimahteeohk Katran

"I dreamed of a dead man floating in the pool, and now you're here!" - Catherine (Katran)

Potential Meaning: Katran spoke these words to Atrus after his arrival on the Age of Riven. Atrus was exploring a pool after first arriving when he saw shadows above him, trying to keep himself underwater for fear of being discovered he almost drowned. His unconscious form floated to the top of the pool where he was discovered by a couple of Rivenese people.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.

The dream tells that D'ni will grow again someday. New seekers of D'ni will flow in from the desert feeling called to something they do not understand.

But the dream also tells of a desert bird with the power to weave this new D'ni's future. We fear such power - it changes people. - Atrus' Letter about Katran's dream.

Potential Meaning: This relates to the modern rediscovery of D'ni and the finders of D'ni flocking to the Cleft to venture down into the Cavern. The Desert Bird is actually Yeesha who will later become the Grower. She creates the journeys to teach the newcomers of the flaws of D'ni so that we will not follow the same path. But in leaving Tomahna to discover more about Atrus' letter the knowledge she gains begins to corrupt her.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled/In progress.

Korokh Jimah

vv.4302 - Discordant time. The smallest of enemies un-mans them all.
vv.4303 - Hidden within the hidden. A breath and then darkness.

Potential Meaning: This relates to the plague that spreads through Terahnee which began with bacteria found in the stomachs of Atrus and his party. The bacteria was harmless to them but to the Terahnee, Paarli and some of the Relyimah it was deadly.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.

vv.11383 - Torn pages curl and brown. The flames fly up.
vv.11384 - In the flickering light a cry.
vv.11385 - Who will lift the fallen stones?
vv.11386 - Who will link the broken chain?

Potential Meaning: It seems that this prophecy relates to the betrayal of Atrus' sons and his burning of the Linking Books to their prison Ages, Spire and Haven. Further research is needed.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.

vv.13245 - A seabird calls. The unknowing one stands at the rail
vv.13246 - Peace. The circle closed. The last word written.

Potential Meaning: This relates to the aftermath of the events on Terahnee. After wrongs had been righted, the unknowing one is Atrus who does not believe in prophecies and destiny. Catherine on the other had saw the connection between what had occurred in Atrus' life and what had been marked down in various prophetic texts.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.

vv.21660 - A burrowing worm blinks in the sunlight
vv.21661 - and pulls his eyes down over his eyes.
vv.21662 - Earth's mouth steams. Deep voices grumble.
vv.21663 - Time draws a jagged line on the sand
vv.21664 - in which the woman waits.

Potential Meaning: This refers to Atrus and Anna in the Cleft. The first verse talks of Atrus stepping out into the desert sun, the second talks of him pulling his D'ni lenses down over his eyes to protect them. The third speaks of the volcano's mouth and the rumbling within it, the fourth and fifth talks of the Cleft and Anna waiting for Atrus' return within it.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.

Regeltavok Oorpah

Unknown Book

Only the stone, while they pass beneath, listens to his cries and comforts her fear. Only the Arch welcomes the reign of the great one who guides us. A new people, people of light, will bring great havoc to the dark, He remains hidden, while another sits in his throne.

Potential Meaning: This prophecy relates to the birth of The Great King, Ahlsendar. During the time of his birth D'ni was at war with the Pento a race of people from the Age of Pento who had been recruited by the Judges of Yahvo. Ahlsendar's father and his mother fled the city upon leaving his mother gave birth to Ahlsendar underneath the Arch of Kings (later renamed Keraths Arch). They remained in an hidden private Age where Ahlsendar grew up awaiting the day for his return to D'ni and the ending of the Pento War.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.

Book Two

Entry 1071, Item 54: When all is taken from one, the only hope that remains is what is given by another. Through this giving, both are redeemed.

Potential Meaning: These lines are used in Yeesha's book in relation to Eder Kemo and Eder Gira, however whether they were written specifically with Eder Kemo and Eder Gira in mind remains to be seen

Status: Unknown.

Book Nine

Entry 221, Item 29: The truth of a man is found in the darkness beneath the surface. Some light might reveal only what some men want to be seen.

Potential Meaning: These lines are used in Yeesha's book in relation to Kadish Tolesa, however whether they were written specifically with Kadish Tolesa in mind remains to be seen

Status: Unknown.

Entry 221, Item 77: Only the way a man is when he is hidden is how he is. A shallow glimpse can deceive. Look deep, ponder and recognize all that is hidden.

Potential Meaning: These lines are used in Yeesha's book in relation to Teledahn, however whether they were written specifically with Teledahn in mind remains to be seen

Status: Unknown.

Book Twelve

Entry 32, Item 134: The laws contrived by the proud are their security and their undoing. Such laws make disobedience a virtue and obedience a sin.

Potential Meaning: These lines are used in Yeesha's book in relation to Gahreesen, however whether they were written specifically with Gahreesen in mind remains to be seen

Status: Unknown.

The Visions of Jo'irimah

Canto 157

Descending the great ladder of time, we see four faces.
The faces of four women.
Aged and dead the first two are.
The third a dreamer. The last. A teacher.

Potential Meaning: This relates to the women of the family tree of Atrus. The first woman is Tasera, the second Ti'ana (Anna). The dreamer is Katran (Catherine) and the teacher is Yeesha.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.


vv.87 - The creak of cart wheels in the silent dark.
vv.88 - Dead men fall between the worlds.
vv.89 - A time of great sorrowing.

Potential Meaning: This prophecy relates to the aftermath of the Fall of D'ni in which A'Gaeris and Veovis traveled through D'ni gathering up the bodied of the dead D'ni onto carts and then linking them to the many Ages found, spreading the plague into those Ages to kill any survivors.

Status: Prophecy fulfilled.

Word of the Watcher

Due to the large amount of verses involved in Words, they will be dealt with on their own page: