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Lore Stones are a device created by Lore and act in a similar manner to the Journey Cloths that Yeesha and the Bahro added to various Ages. The stones have been discovered on a number of Ages both D'ni and Human in origin. The stones form a path and allow access to an Age called Maho and from there to other Ages that again contains the stones. Each stone opens up a new part of a journey leading visitors to learn more about Lore and his history.


The stones are very similar in construction, each one is a large boulder of cracked grey stone that is roughly 6 to 7 foot in height. A metal disc is set within the stone that is stamped with the spiral hand symbol used by Lore that mimics the spiral hand symbol used by Yeesha and the Bahro. The hand symbol is constructed of a greenish blue crystal which can also be found in the ring that surrounds the disc. The ring is then studded with 4 smaller discs at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions.

Sub Discs

Accompaniying the Lore Stones are 4 smaller "sub discs". These discs are copies of the center disc that can be found on the stone itself. The "sub discs" are scattered through out Ages and areas of D'ni and act as a sort of unlocking mechanism for the stones. Upon activating all four "sub discs" the center disc upon the stone itself "powers up" allowing for it to be used and granting passage to an area of Maho.


Unlike the Journey Cloths that use a form of Linking technology we do not yet understand, the Lore Stones are based on familiar technology. Each stone contains a tiny Linking Book which Links to a certain point in Maho. These Books are sealed in a form of crystal that reacts to Linking Books much akin to descriptions of the substance used by Catherine to power the faulty Linking Books of Gehn.

When the four "sub discs" are activated a mechanism with links the Book to the crystal allowing for it to be used to Link to Maho.

The crystal itself was once part of a statue found upon the Age of Lehns.

Ages Containing Stones



Tehren Neighbourhood






The House - City Proper