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Keith first learned of D'ni in 1998. He spent the next few years learning everything he could about D'ni and its people, pouring over the literature written from the journals of Catherine. In 2000 word began to trickle out about D'ni having been discovered and people entering the cavern. He paid close attention to the information, learning all he could in the hopes of pin pointing the entrance location to the cavern feeling a call to the ancient city. Keith quickly became well versed in D'ni history and in 2003 he received a message from Jeff Zandi inviting him to The Cleft.

The Second Restoration

D'ni Raiders

DRC Liaisons

The Third Restoration

Age Writing

Keith Lord – Chairman of The Restorers Guild/Third Path Council and D’ni historian.

Personal Role: Keith is the leader and founder of The Third Path. He has spent the last 9 years studying D’ni history to become one of the leaders in his field. He now heads up the Chairman position of the Restorers Guild Council. He monitors and advises the workings of the Guild and Council.