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(Kehra = Brave Tomahna = Home)
Author: K.Lord

Date Written: 12/09/10
Date Released: 19/11/10

Book location: Private Location

Designation: Human Age

Kehrahn is the third Age Written by Keith Lord for his wife Kehra. It was Written after Kehra visited Cass and exclaimed "You're making me one of these in purple right?".

The Age is heavily influenced by Kadish Tolesa and descriptions of Amateria and houses a native population. The Adal as they are called had no interaction with Keith and Kehra but did interact with Lore prior to their disappearance from the area.


Kehrahn is a large island continent with the accessible part of the Age being only a small area located on the coast. At the center of the island his a vast crystal tree.

The accessible section of Kehrahn is a forest of tall rock and trees crowned in purple foliage. The Age is carpeted in grass in both green and purple of colour. Large bright purple crystals protrude from the ground spreading out as the grow. There are examples of these crystals growing in trees and turning them into smaller versions of the large crystal tree at the center of the Ages island.

Adal Village


At the center of the Kehrahn island stands a huge tree of crystal, it's upmost branches scratch the sky. The tree like many of the crystals found in the Age is purple and white it is believed that it is from this tree that the crystals originate but thus far that has not been confirmed.

According to Adal legend the tree grew from the remains of Reyere's heart. Upon a time the Goddess Emide walked the lands of (native Age name here)/Kehrahn taking in the sights and befriending the wildlife. One day she met Reyere a mortal man, they form a friendship exploring the lands and eventually falling in love.

One day Emide meets a man called Ufici and befriends him. Soon Emide is walking the lands more with Ufici than Reyere. All the while Ufici whispered words of corruption to Emide. For unknown to both Emide and Reyere Ufici was really Zamefa (the Adal equivalent to the Devil). Reyere saw the growing corruption in Emide and tried to warn her of Ufici, but she shunned Reyere and cast him aside.

Reyere left and wandered for years eventually finding his way back to the lands where Emide and Ufici resided. Ufici believing Reyere had gone for good lifted his disguise revealing himself as Zemefa. But Emide was wrathful and her anger absolute, her rage flooded the lands turning them to darkness and decay

Reyere witnessing this approached Emide hoping that he could still reach her. As Reyere looked into her eyes he saw not love but coldness, darkness and anguish. Emide cast aside her name for she was Emide no more and became Lase the goddess of Death.

Reyere, heartbroken at the loss of Emide fled the lands one more journeying far before collapsing on an island in the middle of a lake in anguish and exhaustion. Bearing the pain no longer he cut out his own heart and buried it along with the memory of Emide on the island. From his buried heart the great crystal tree grew, erupting from the ground and piercing the sky above. Reyere watched in wonder as the tree grew and weeped as Emide emerged from it. "Emide" he cried trying to reach for her. "No Reyere" she whispered "Emide has gone never to return, I am Yuena"

As Yuena cradled his head Reyere passed and the crystals around Athu'reyere (Tree of Reyere) began their eternal song of lament.

Leaving the lake, Yuena continued to walk the lands much as Emide had done in the past. Championing life to combat the death brought by Lase.


Land of the dead

Lake/Stone Forest

Lake and stone forest. former place of worship by the Adal of Yuena theie goddess. Area abandoned when humans arrived.

Notable Wildlife

Ning Trees are lightning shaped crystals (and most likely where they derived their name from) that inhabit Sphere 2 of Ahnonay.

The Ning are extremely delicate and will shatter at the merest touch. It is currently unknown if they were replaced by Kadish himself or if they actually grew back under some kind of accelerated growth.


Quabs are a quadrupedal crustaceans that can be found in Sphere 1 upon the island. They are a small shy creature that flee from visitors within the Age often choosing to jump and hide in the water. Quabs will return to the land slowly when they feel the area is safe from intruders. It is unknown whether the Quabs are native to the vortex or if Kadish brought them in from another Age.

Scrub grass can be found upon the landmasses found within Spheres 1, 2, and 3. The grass grows sparsely most likely due to it trying to grow in the hard rock of the island. The grass that does grow seems to thrive however but does not seem to grow too long. It should be noted that the grass (if the same specie within each of the three spheres) does not require an ample light source to survive as it grows within Sphere 03 which has a very limited light. Indeed all 3 of the spheres lack natural sunlight in general.

Terrose are named from the D'ni word 'ter' which means tree and rose after the color of the leaves found upon the tree. Sphere 1 of Ahnonay is populated by a fair few of these trees. The roots of the tree seem to have burrowed deep into the rock of the island. Like the Quabs it is unknown whether the trees were native to Ahnonay or brought in from another Age. However, given the nature of the vortex is is most likely they were brought in from another Age.


Book of Commentary Desk, Kehra's Bedroom (currently missing)

Kehra's Journal Rock, Lake seating area

Goddess Lore Book (TBN) Statue, Stone forest

Kehrahn Map Desk, Kehra's bedroom




Maho Lore Stone

Kehrahn Nexus Hub Linking Book

NexusLinking Book

Development Notes

09-01-10: Work on the surface continues.

Age reaches Phase 3.

08-01-10: Structural changes taken place in the bedroom.

Work on the surface commencing.

Work on the flooring is commencing with the laying of the tiles in the in bedroom.

10-12-09: Work resumes on Kehrahn after a hiatus. In order to have it finished by its deadline Keith and a small team have started working on it outside of their workload.

Age approved Phase 2 status.

25-08-09: Age suspended as resources are focused elsewhere, vote of council members 4 to 1.

24-08-09: Stonework in bedroom completed, decorative elements to be added. Development of the tunnel progressing.

22-08-09: Structural stonework begins.

21-08-09: Development work begins with the clearing of the cave area and the extraction of the surrounding rock to expand the area.

20-08-09: Tests came back as green, initial review of the area to take place and plans drawn up for area.

19-08-09: Initial Link to Kehrahn, tests done of surrounding area to make sure Age is safe for development.