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(Fahets = First)
Author: K.Lord

Date Written: 02/03/07
Date Released: 19/10/09

Book location:

Designation: Human Age

Fahets was the first successful Age that was Written by Keith Lord.

After initial visits were made to the Age, the Linking Book was misplaced in The Third Path’s archives and remained missing for a couple of years before being discovered again. In that time the Age had flooded badly from rain and the water needed to be pumped out before work could progress on developing the Age for public release.

The Age went through a period of destabilization due to minor flaws within the Kormahn. As a result the landscape was effected causing rifts in the floor and rock face. The Age was later stabilized due to Garohevtee provided by Lore


Fahets is a large island with a series of smaller islands scattered off its coast. The area of the main island varies from jungle forests and swamp land to barren rocky area. Whilst the Age is relatively large visitors only have access to the "Basin" area currently.

During the destabilization of the Age a large section of the Fahets island to the south collapsed into the sea creating a new island off the coast.

The Basin

The Basin is the name given to the initial Link in point for Fahets. It is a grassy area rich in wildlife with a small pond at one end. The area is prone to heavy rains which often caused the basin to flood. As a result a large water pump was installed to keep the water levels down. During the destabilization of Fahets a section of the basin walls collapsed allowing access to the area outside of the basin. This collapse was secured and a new path built to make accessing the outer area of the basin safer.

The Basin is the name given to the initial Link in point for Fahets. It is a smallish rocky basin dotted with boulders. The area was prone to flooding from heavy rain so a water pump was installed to keep the levels down.

The outer area of the basin is a rocky landscape with large trees and a myriad of flora and fauna. Evidence of the destabilization can be seen with large fissures in the ground opening up to lava below. A pathway once lead to the vale but this has been closed off since the Age was in upheaval due to the nature of the changes in the vale.

The Crimson Vale

Originally known as The Vale, it was once a serene area with large mushrooms surrounding a lake. After the destabilization event there has been a curious change in the area. There have been changes to the plants in the area causing them to grow significantly larger than they were once capable of, furthermore red spores cover the area like snow causing the trees and other plantlife to take on a red colour. As a result the air in the area has become unsafe without the use of Maintainer suits. What has caused this change has yet to be determined but this "infection" as it has been termed is slowly expanding outwards and threatens the Basin area as well.

As a result Keith has constructed an air tight observation pod to keep an eye on the issue and study it in the hopes it can be stopped or reversed.

Norapod Swamps

The Norapods in the swamp seem to thrive on the waters in the area allowing them to grow to vast sizes dwarfing the smaller ones found elsewhere on the Age. A wooden walkways curve between the towering fruits leading to various outcrops of rock. The swamp is also the nesting ground for Mangarks, meaning some areas of the swamp are extremely dangerous to visitors.

The swamp is also home to an enclosure established by Keith containing beetles used for ink creation after he discovered the beetles react well to the Norapods fostering their growth rate and size.

The Hub

Whilst not actually an area for Fahets, the hub is located in Cass and serves and a "nexus" of sorts allowing for access between the various areas of Fahets.


Norapod: A curious pod like plant from which it derives its name. These plants are actually fruit like in nature, with a firm outer skin which can withstand the constant rain, yet allow the water in to help itself grow. And a soft juicy center filled with seeds. The inner core greatly resembles a tomato in nature, however Norapods are a sweet tasting fruit with a slight bitter aftertaste.

Small at “birth” they resemble small bluish balls on the ground until the start growing, causing the skins hue and texture to change. It is currently speculated that when the fruits get over ripe they burst spreading the seeds within.

Rusteart Plant: Small leaved plants that are dotted around the Age, named after the words Rust and Heart due to the rusty colour of the leaves near the center of the plants formation. These plants thrive on minimal rain, but to much will easily kill them, which is why currently not many are found on Fahets and have only recently started growing as the water had been pumped from the Age.

White Star Lilly: So called due to the small white flower that sits in the center of the lilly pads, White Star Lillies share the Norapods nature in the sense that both live extremely well in very wet conditions. The Lillypads themselves can reach a large size, big enough to support human weight, currently only the small ones can be found. The flowers themselves lend a sweet delicate scent to the pond that combats the musky scent of the waters algae nicely.

Needle Grass - long sharp grass

Stiltwalkers - Tripod creatures with really long legs. Feed on the leaves of the Mangrove trees. They make a strange forlorn humming sound to communicate with each other.

Glowcap - Mushrooms with bioluminescent caps.

Mangark (Grass Shark) - Aquatic lizard like creature. Has long spines on back that looks like blades of grass. The spines extrude a paralytic which they use to paralyze animals and eat them when they fall into the water. Paralytic is capable of subduing humans.

Chaaus - Weird pod things that collect underneath trees and rocks. Give off a blue light. May be egg sacks for the Croombs.

Croombs - Weird little mushroom crabs

Mangrove Trees -

Vikah Mushrooms -

Ferns -


Fahets Book of Commentary

   Located: Book pedestal next to Link in point.



This Age currently contains no Linking Books.

Development Log

19-10-09: Issues resolved thanks to a group of outside helpers, thanks goes to you.

Age passed Phase 5, Linking Book has now been publicly released.

18-10-09: A few issues pushed back Phase 5 approval.

17-10-09: Some minor repairs have been made to the piping for the water pump.

Authorized explorers “Vid” and “Paradox” stop by for a visit.

Age is up for review to see if it passes Phase 5 and reaches approval for public release.

13-10-09: Minor cleanup work commencing.

10-10-09: Age passes Phase 4 approval, Phase 5 commencing, limited access has been expanded to those authorized.

09-10-09: The results from the Norapod sample sent off for testing have returned, the plant, or fruit has it turns out, is apparently safe for consumption, members are now flipping a coin to see who gets to try it first.

A pedestal for the Ages book of commentary is being crafted to be placed in the Age, due to the high water in the Age the book will be placed under cover.

07-10-09: Sophie and her team have managed to construct a crude pumping system that will be better equipped to deal with the heavy rainfall. The pump has been installed next to the pond, her team will continue to refine it as time goes by.

Supply crates have been brought in to aid in the development process.

05-10-09: Water has built up again due to the recent rain, Sophie’s team is looking into developing a new pumping system following some D’ni examples found in the cavern.

Studies into the “Norapods” that grow within the Age have commenced.

11-09-09: We’ve returned to the Age to inspect it since the last visit. It has been determined that the battle against the rainfall is a loosing one, as a result the pumps have been removed from the Age.

The next few days will involve testing the new wildlife that has grown to see if it is safe for the general public, we may then see about giving the Book out.

30-06-09: Work temporarily suspended.

25-06-09: Work on the Age recommences after a long hiatus. Pumps has forgotten to be turned on during the hiatus, as a result the heavy rain fall the Age is prone to has once again flooded the area.

As a boon however the wildlife has flourished from all the rain. The Roseleaf tree was not so lucky.

23-08-08: A Roseleaf Tree has been selected for transplanting, and has been moved to Fahets for replanting. Tree was successfully moved without damage, we expect the tree to flourish in its new location.

22-08-08: Plans for development have been given a complete overhaul. Water levels have lowered significantly. Trips to one of The Third Path’s harvest Ages, Woodharvest, was made to assess which tree to transplant into Fahets.

21-08-08: Descriptive Book rediscovered after being missing for about 2 years. Age has been badly flooded due to the heavy rainfall over the years. Nexus Book has been damaged to the point where it is unsafe to use, the Book has been removed. Assessment of the water revealed that it has become stagnant, pumps have been brought in to remove the water. Plans drawn up for Age development.

02-03-07: Copying the Age text from the practice book to the Korteenea has been completed. Initial visit to the Age has taken place and samples taken to assess for safety. Results returned as clear, exploration and mapping commencing.