Eder Fahsee

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(Eder = Rest, Fahsee = Twenty Five)
Author: K.Lord

Date Written: 8712 DE
Date Found: 07/10/09
Date Released: 09/07/10

Book location: TBC

Designation: D’ni Age

Eder Fahsee is a garden Age and the fifth Age Written by Keith Lord. Like Sul the Age was Written using ink and Korteenea that was manufactured by Keith himself.

The Age was styled after that of Myst Island and was Written to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game Myst's release. Whilst the actual Age of Myst is largely shunned by Yeesha and considered a bad place Keith felt that the Myst game (which were based upon the events of Atrus' exile to said Age) was, for many in the explorer community, the spark that began the journey to the D'ni cavern.

Given how much of an impact the game had upon the explorer community Keith wanted to celebrate this. As a result he collected tales from within the community regarding their first interactions with the Myst game and chronicled them into a collection of books that can be found upon Eder Fahsee.


The Age bears a striking resemblance to the Age of Myst but retaining significant differences. Formed from volcanic rock it sits within a large basin surrounded by water. Basalt columns litter the Age, jutting up from the rocky surface. The Age appears to be locked in a constant Autumnal period with the wildlife taking on the usual gold, browns and red colours.

There is numerous flora and fauna on the Age with large flowers that tower above visitors.

Several seating areas have been constructed to give visitors an area in which to relax.

The Age has two moons which have been named Atrus and Katran.

- Myst mandala credit here.


Tall Grass, Tall Flowers, Riven Shrooms, gemlou trees, grasses, lamp reeds.

fish, winged chirteetahm, unseen birds,


Book of Commentary

Explorer Chronicles


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