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(Fahets = First / Doshad = Moon)
Author: K.Lord

Date Written: 02/03/07
Date Released: 19/10/09

Book location: TBC

Designation: Human Age

Doshad is the name given to the Age of Fahets by its inhabitants. It is a small satellite that orbits a large planet that they have named Viret.

It was the first successful Age Written by Keith Lord. After initial visits to the Age the Descriptive Book was misplaced within the Third Path archive, remaining hidden for a couple of years before rediscovery.

In that time heavy rains had flooded sections of the initial Link in point on the island of Fahets requiring the water to be pumped out before work could progress on developing the Age for public released.

The Age went through a period of destabilization due to minor flaws within the Kormahn. As a result the landscape was effected causing rifts in the floor and rock face. The Age was later stabilized due to Garohertee provided by Lore


The Age is a small moon with almost 99% water surface. Gravity is very similar to the earth indicating a very dense core within the center of the Age. There are a scattering of islands that range in size from small (a few miles in length) to large ( couple of hundred miles in length).


Upon the island called Fahets (the initial name for the Age) in a small rocky basin is the prime Link in point for the Age, the place of first arrival.

Before the destabilization the Basin was prone to flooding from the heavy rains, as a result a water pump was installed to keep the water levels down.

During the destabilization of Fahets the basin walls shattered and collapsed, allowing easier access to the rest of the Fahets Island such as the Mangark Cove and Vale.


Located one one of the many islands that make up the entire Age of Fahets, Fehrehmto is a desert environment located in a sizable erosion in the desert rock. It now houses Ian's studies on the Bahro and their involvement with the D'ni and humans.


Notable Wildlife

The wildlife of Doshad is vast and numerous, notable examples from the various islands can be found on their respective pages.


Fahets Book of Commentary

   Located: Book pedestal next to Link in point.


The Hub

Development Log

19-10-09: Issues resolved thanks to a group of outside helpers, thanks goes to you.

Age passed Phase 5, Linking Book has now been publicly released.

18-10-09: A few issues pushed back Phase 5 approval.

17-10-09: Some minor repairs have been made to the piping for the water pump.

Authorized explorers "Vid" and "Paradox" stop by for a visit.

Age is up for review to see if it passes Phase 5 and reaches approval for public release.

13-10-09: Minor cleanup work commencing.

10-10-09: Age passes Phase 4 approval, Phase 5 commencing, limited access has been expanded to those authorized.

09-10-09: The results from the Norapod sample sent off for testing have returned, the plant, or fruit has it turns out, is apparently safe for consumption, members are now flipping a coin to see who gets to try it first.

A pedestal for the Ages book of commentary is being crafted to be placed in the Age, due to the high water in the Age the book will be placed under cover.

07-10-09: Sophie and her team have managed to construct a crude pumping system that will be better equipped to deal with the heavy rainfall. The pump has been installed next to the pond, her team will continue to refine it as time goes by.

Supply crates have been brought in to aid in the development process.

05-10-09: Water has built up again due to the recent rain, Sophie’s team is looking into developing a new pumping system following some D’ni examples found in the cavern.

Studies into the “Norapods” that grow within the Age have commenced.

11-09-09: We’ve returned to the Age to inspect it since the last visit. It has been determined that the battle against the rainfall is a loosing one, as a result the pumps have been removed from the Age.

The next few days will involve testing the new wildlife that has grown to see if it is safe for the general public, we may then see about giving the Book out.

30-06-09: Work temporarily suspended.

25-06-09: Work on the Age recommences after a long hiatus. Pumps has forgotten to be turned on during the hiatus, as a result the heavy rain fall the Age is prone to has once again flooded the area.

As a boon however the wildlife has flourished from all the rain.

22-08-08: Plans for development have been given a complete overhaul. Water levels have lowered significantly.

21-08-08: Descriptive Book rediscovered after being missing for about 2 years. Age has been badly flooded due to the heavy rainfall over the years. Nexus Book has been damaged to the point where it is unsafe to use, the Book has been removed. Assessment of the water revealed that it has become stagnant, pumps have been brought in to remove the water. Plans drawn up for Age development.

02-03-06: Copying the Age text from the practice book to the Korteenea has been completed. Initial visit to the Age has taken place and samples taken to assess for safety. Results returned as clear, exploration and mapping commencing.