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(Dahko = Marble, Tahm = Fire, Nay = Root)
Author: Unknown

Date Found: 26/09/00

Designation: D’ni Age

Prior to the Fall, Dahtahmnay belonged to the Guild of Miners and served as the source of the D'ni firemarbles.

The Guild of Miners worked in tandem with the natives of the Age to harvest the materials needed to form firemarbles. This involved traversing the extremely dangerous landscape in temperatures well below freezing.

With the growing restoration of the D'ni cavern and the growing need for more firemarbles, the DRC were planning on one day opening Dahtahmnay and setting the firemarble industry going once again.


Dahtahmnay is an extremely cold Age, with temperatures dropping to -200 degrees in some areas. The ice plains of the Age cover an area roughly 50 miles by 40 that is surrounded by a low mountain range.

The ice plains are separated between north and south districts by a range of mountains that cut through the center of the location. Here the temperatures are warmer between 0 and 32 degrees due to tectonic activity below this belt. It is here that the Guild of Miners operated from alongside the natives of the Age. From this "hanger" runners would traverse the dangerous landscape to collect the materials needed for firemarble production.

The Age is often hit with frost storms or by electrical storms, making travel even more perilous.

The Age has an extremely long day and night cycle.

DRC Restoration Log

Dahtamnay - 9/2000 - environment far too volatile - extreme danger - K