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Author: K.Lord

Date Written: 21/06/09
Date Released: 02/07/09

Book location:

Designation: Human Age

Cass was the second Age Written by Keith Lord. Originally called Tochoortahv (Place of Learning) it was to be a location for studying of The Art. The Third Path wished for a location where people who were interested in Age Writing could come and learn the intricacies of the process.

After an act of vandalism the plans for Tochoortahv were dropped. The Age was taken back by its Writer and instead new plans were drawn up for the Age to house a museum of artifacts and information pertaining to D'ni and its Ages both prior to the Fall and after.

With this new direction for the Age established Keith renamed the Age Cass after the street he and his wife had their first home together.


Pre Fire

Prior to the fire that gutted the Age, Cass (or Tochoortahv as it was known at the time) was a small rectangular room. Along the left side was a long bookshelf that contained documents relating to The Art and of Writing Ages. Along the right side of the room were Book pedestals that contained Descriptive Books for Tailehn, Orth and Artas. At the far end contained an imager that was based on the imager designs found at the Cleft with prerecorded classes on how to Write Ages.

Post Fire

After the fire the plans for the Age being a place of learning were scrapped. The entire area was expanded considerably. The Link in point is now situated in a long corridor which served as one for four wings that lead out from a central circular room. A spiral staircase leads down from the first floor of the central room to a lower floor.

The lower floor is dedicated to artifacts and artworks relating to the DRC, Yeesha, and the Bahro.

The upper floor is dedicated to artifacts and artworks pertaining to the D'ni culture and the Guilds.

Two of the four wings contain similar artifacts and in some cases examples of wildlife found within the Ages of D'ni.

One wing is dedicated to Fahets or Doshad as it is also known, again housing artifacts and artworks regarding the Arattan culture.

The fourth wing is currently empty and curtained off save for a Lore Stone.

The Fire

On the 2nd of July 2009 just after the Age had been released to the public an explorer going by the name "Jadam" on the DRC forums discovered that the Age had been vandalized. A visit to the Age revealed that the room had been set on fire. All information sources compiled on Writing Ages along with Descriptive Books for several Ages had been burned to a cinder. Other visitors to the Age noted D'ni Writing upon one of the walls of the room.

The text which read "Outsiders must not learn the Art" had curiously been carved into the wall instead of painted leading explorers to question whether it had been carried out by a D'ni or just made to look like one.

An investigation by the Third Path was at the time unable to reveal the perpetrator. The Age was closed for a short while whilst the crews cleaned the Age and made sure the fire had not damaged the structure.

In the aftermath of the fire the Third Path decided that the Age would no longer be a location for learning Age Writing.


Cass Book of Commentary

List of Exhibits


Maho Lore Stone

NexusLinking Book

Restoration Notes

15-11-15: A strange stone has appeared within Cass. The stone has a strange disc with a spiral hand design upon it. At this time it is unknown what purpose this stone holds.

03-10-15: Having sat in stasis due to various events Cass sees activity again as Ian returns to continue with development.

Various artifacts have been moved to Cass, several items have been donated by explorer "Mystriven".

23-10-09: With the release of Fahets, a small group has been assigned to working on Cass once again.

Work continues on the hall. Pedestals and plinths have been brought in to display the various artifacts. Steven's team has been tasked with grouping artifacts together and prepping them for eventual transport to Cass.

14-07-09: Book of commentary has been placed on the pedestal.

Work in the second room, or the hall as it’s now known, is coming along nicely, base of the room structure is almost complete.

Tochoortahv has been renamed Cass. Cass will now serve as a museum to D'ni its fall and restoration.

12-07-09: The flooding levels have dropped, crews discovered water from the lake above ground was seeping down into the second area.

Crews have managed to stop the water from filtering down into the work area.

11-07-09: Link in point cleaned up, new paintings have been placed in the room along with a pedestal for the Tochoortahv book of commentary.

Team worked tirelessly to get the framework up, the pumps are now draining the water from the second area.

10-07-09: Water has started flooding the second area, crews are at a loss to where the source of the water is.

09-07-09: Expansion into the second area is underway.

08-07-09: Rough concepts have been sketched out for the Ages future.

A team has been sent in to sound the surrounding area to see if the room can be expanded.

07-07-09: Tochoortahv has been returned to K.Lord after the original plans for the Age had been scrapped.

02-07-09: Age approved for public release.

01-07-09: Imager project has been scrapped due to technical issues, other venues are being considered.

Ri’neref painting that was restored has been placed in the location in place of the Imager.

19-06-09: lesson Ages and documentation has been placed in Tochoortahv.

Sophie Thomas reports significant delays to the imager.

17-06-09: Work on the location has now been completed. Location still awaiting documentation, imager, and pedestals for lesson Ages; Artas, Tailehn and Orth.

K.Lord stops by to see how work progressed.

Age up for Phase 5 reviewing and possible limited release.

Age has passed Phase 5, Linking Books have been sent to several people as part of a limited release before the full release.

16-06-09: Work on location almost completed. Firemarble lamp broken after not being correctly fixed to the ceiling, replacement needed.

15-06-09: Floor work has been finished, edging tiling needs to go down. Bookshelf added to location.

12-06-09: Initial checks show structure is secure, further checks to take place.

11-06-09: Phase 1 completed, Location skipped to Phase 3.

10-06-09: Samples are given the all clear. Phase 1 begins.

09-06-09: Location established to house project, initial Link to take place and the usual samples taken for testing.

Sophie and her team begins work on an imager for the location based on the Cleft imager technology.

03-06-09: TTP documentation on Age Writing begins to be sorted through and organized for publication.

02-06-09: Concept for Tochoortahv presented in TTP meeting, unanimous vote in favor of beginning project. Dr. Keira Benson and Sophie Thomas designated project leads.