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(Place of Ahryee)
Author: Nemen

Date Written: 8712 DE
Date Found: 07/10/09
Date Released: 09/07/10

Book location: Fehnir's House

Designation: D’ni Age

Originally from the City Proper, Nemen's father was a merchant who proved to be very popular and amassed a decent amount of wealth. As a result the family moved to Ae'gura and when Nemen was born he was the first of his family to be entered into the Guilds. Nemen rose through the ranks of the Guild of Writers and eventually started working on his own Age.

Ahryahn was completed in 8712 DE and was given to his father as a gift and served as the family Age.

When D'ni fell Fehnir's family alomg with Jilen, Fehnir's collegue, escaped into the Age. Fehnir upon seeing the dark cloud spread across the D'ni lake had sent the younger Jilen ahead to Fehnir's house to ensure his family made it to the Age safely. Fehnir was never to see his family again, dying in his study in order to keep the sickness away from his loved ones.

In the aftermath of the Fall Veovis and A'gaeris went from location to location seeding the various Ages with bodies of those infected with the plague. Ahryahn was one such Age infected. Curiously the pair did not infect Ahryahn with the corpse of Fehnir who was so close to the Descriptive Book. It is unknown why they didn't use his body, it is likely they did not notice it slumped down beneath his desk.

With the Age now seeded with death it was not long before Laia, Me'fehnir, Nalen, and the stewards started to suffer. After Laia died Me'ehnir and Nalen fled to Lehns the second Age owned by Fehnir.

Jilen did not fall prey to the same fate, he had been living away from the family and destroyed the path to his side of the forest after he discovered the sickness had taken effect.

Jilen remained on the Age where he was later discovered by Ian Keefe and Steven Ross from the Third Path group. However Jilen has since vanished from the Age after his meeting with the Third Path members.


Ahryahn is a large forested area with trees crowned in golden foliage. It is home to a myriad of wildlife but it is the Ahryee from which the name draws its name which are worth noting.

The Family House

The Link in point for Ahryahn sites up on an outcrop of rock which over looks a circular waterfall. On the opposite side of the water fall embedded in the rock is the Fehnir family house.

The main body of the house opens up into a large dining area with a kitchen branching off to the right and to the left the bedroom and study of Fehnir and Laia. It was within the bedroom that the Lehns Linking Book was discovered in a hidden compartment.

To the right of the house is a separate bedroom area which Me'fehnir and Nalen would stay in when visiting the Age.

Outside the house is a small courtyard area that faces the waterfall at the center of which was a well from which water was drawn for cooking and drinking. From the courtyard a small path leads around the edge of the falls and through a tunnel which leads to the greater part of Ahryahn.

The tunnel was blocked during The Fall by Jilen in order to keep the plague away from his area of the forest.

Burial Site

Upon a ridge close to the Family house and overlooking the waterfall is the burial site. Here is the collective graves of Fehnir, Laia, Me'fehnir, Nalen, the two stewards, and the corpse sent through to poison the Age by Veovis and A'gaeris. The bodies were collected by Third Path members from their various resting places and placed in a collective spot so that Fehnir could be reunited with his family finally.

Notable Wildlife

Golden Crown Trees - Info forthcoming

Ahryee - Large gorilla like animals from which the Age derives its name. These animals are extremely strong and bad tempered with anything it perceives as encroaching on its territory. Baby Ahryee were often captured by Jilen in traps and taken back to his hut where he would later cook and eat them.

Other wildlife information to come.


Jilen's journal

Ahryahn Book of Commentary




Fehnir's House Linking Book

MahoLore Stone

LehnsLinking Book