A Mysterious Book

Late in the morning I was disturbed from my work by the postwoman knocking on the door. I was curious as she only knocks when she had a package to deliver and the only thing I had ordered recently were some DVD’s that were not due to arrive until next week. Now normally a package arriving is nothing worth noting within this journal, the contents of said package related absolutely with my studies of D’ni and thus earned and entry within my journal.

Inside the small cardboard box, which I must point out had no return address, I gazed upon a blue book which was adorned with a strange tree motif. Attached to the book was a Post-it-Note with that familiar handwriting which had been inscribed on a note which accompanied the Garohertee that fixed the issues with Fahets. And of course, as if to cement the knowledge of who the sender was, the spiral hand stamp that was also on the note previously sent.

I picked up the book, unsure whether it was just a book or if it was a Linking Book. A quick inspection determined that it was just a book, a journal and a blank one at that.

The morning’s events have raised several questions. First off, and more importantly, how did the note sender know where I live? When it comes to the Cavern the only people who know my address are my family and the Third Path council. But according to the council they have not sent anything to me, and my family need not send me items through the mail. Secondly, I have many journals both empty and full. So why did I need another one? Is the book a message? Is the symbol upon the front important? Why do I recognize that handwriting? Where have I seen it before?

I have attached an image to the digital version of this journal of the book in question for those who are interested in seeing it.

Mysterious Book

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