0003 Disaster

Noloben trip is being postponed until next week, an issue has arisen in Age 0003. Seismic activity had been building up over the last week, it had opened a fissure in the wall of the caldera the resulting split damaged the observation pod standing over it.

0003 Unknown

The pod was sealed up and the lava built up within it before breeching the observation window. Seems our construction of the pods weakened the surrounding rock leading to this problem.

Thankfully the other 2 pods are shielded from the middle segment, so they can still be used, we are going to fortify the doors to the center pod just in case. Going to have to find a way to circumvent the middle pod to get to the last one though, as pod 3 is the one that has access to the surrounding surface area of the volcano.

Shall see what the engineers make of it I guess.

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